Week 11: Project 365: A Photo, Everyday, For A Year

What a week. Last week was full of imaginative play, growing up and precious moments. I love that this project is really encouraging me if not reminding me to capture them.

And here is week 11 for Lil G…



365 1

365 5

365 2

365 4

365 3

365 6


Day 67 – I am certain that if one of these figures was to go missing it would be a serious event in Lil G’s diary. I love his imagination and how he creates this world which desperately makes me want to be a part of.

Day 68 – A BIG adventure for Lil G. Passport photos. We have now told him that he will be flying on an aeroplane this year. He is beyond excited. We are yet to tell him for when and why. Eek

Day 69 – Snuggle time with the biggest teddy’s ever! Given how much he loves these ones I really cannot wait to see his face when he actually meets them for real. Double eek

Day 70 – One very serious toddler moment. Racing his cars. Playing with him with this scalextric really does take me back to when I was a child. Mr H cannot wait until we have one as big as the house! Me, not so much.

Day 71 – One very happy, well rested and joyful toddler perfect for any Thursday morning! This photo really made my day. I could hear that laugh all day long.

Day 72 – That would be comic relief. We made our donation by buying the new David Walliams book. Sadly I’m really not much for the story, which is disappointing as I have loved his others. Lil G is which is all that matters.

Day 73 – Lil G modelling. Mummy do you want to take a picture of my outfit? So cute. Clearly he has been taking note of the pictures I take for my style posts.


For this week’s post I am linking up to The Boy And Me‘s #365 Project and Shutterflies #LivingArrows Project …


365 Living-Arrows-250


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