A Disney Makeover

The boy is Disney crazy.

I have been planning a little Disney unveiling which I’m rather excited about. And with only 90-days before our little trip, Mr H and I are getting rather excited. BIG kids at heart. Oh yes we are. We cannot wait to tell him. We recently took Lil G to get his passport photos which was when we let it slip that he will be having a little ride on an aeroplane this year. He was so excited. For now that is enough. Even without knowing about the trip he is already asking ‘are we going on a plane yet?’

In 3-months time our gorgeous boy turns the grand old age of 4-years old. Eek. As a surprise for his big boy birthday we have planned a little trip to Disney Land Paris in celebration. I can see his little face now. When he first see’s Mickey, Pluto and Donald. When Buzz and Woody walk on by. Oh my goodness, I really do hope that we get to meet the characters. From an early age he has adored many Disney characters. His bedroom is laden with Disney teddy’s and his playroom is filled with his favourite Disney toys. So many characters. He is Disney crazy.

365 5

So … After recently completing our Bedroom Makeover we started to look at other spaces which need a little bit of love. Initially our thoughts turned to our bathroom, whereas Lil G had other ideas. Apparently he wants to live upstairs, when I say upstairs what he actually means is in our loft. We recently took him up to see where some of his baby bits and bobs were stored. What a mistake that was! His little face just lit up. You could see his eyes fill with magic as he wandered around the room. With quirky wooden beams, secret cupboards and low ceilings.

Truth be told, it would make a rather epic playroom. It would also mean that we get our sun room back! Well, the boy hasn’t stopped talking about the room since. Can we move my playroom upstairs mummy? Could I have a Disney room mummy?

Like any parent I crumbled under the cuteness. The plans have started. We have been looking at ways to decorate the room. Unlike Lil G’s current playroom, there are skylights in the loft therefore we need to look at alternative ways to block out the light. We came across the gorgeous Disney & VELUX Dream Collection. We were conscious that they needed to be fun for Lil G but also practical in the event he chooses to take a nap. I often find that blackout blinds are a little boring hence my surprise with the Disney Dream Collection. Which combine both. Practical and fun. Hooray.

Now we just need to decide on which one! Lil G has chosen these four designs…

Image 2403

Which would you choose?

KA x

Image 2403(1)


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