I said I wouldn’t …

I so am. Quite simply I’m a fool. Mr H saw it coming. I didn’t. I was trying to avoid it. As the Eggs build up from family and friends, do I really have a choice?

Will he be bothered either way? I’m not so sure. Will he have fun? Of course.

Some would say the fun is enough. We celebrate Christmas for a whole month so why I am shying away from Easter? Honestly, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s because we don’t follow a religious path. But then that’s a complete contradiction considering the ridiculous efforts we go to at Christmas!

I blame Mr H (yes dear if you are reading, which he so isn’t, then yes it is all your fault). He doesn’t acknowledge Valentines Day *sobs*, it’s just a money spinner! I kind of agree, although it would be nice. Easter falls into that category. This year was the first year he really made an effort for Mother’s Day, which made my heart melt. It may have been down to pressure from Lil G or maybe just because. We don’t really make a fuss at birthday’s unless it is Lil G’s. So basically Birthday and Christmas times are pretty HUGE in the Hargreaves house rather than all the little bits in between.

Today… I plan to change this.

Easter Pic

To Lil G, Easter means nothing more than watching chicks hatch at Kindergarten and eating chocolate. Kindergarten have been teaching him the basics. For now I am going to build on that and have a little fun. All in the name of peer pressure.

Over the last few weeks I have been questioned by friends and peers about what plans I have made for Easter. Friends who know how crazy I am at Christmas time! I set the precedent didn’t I. It is my own fault. Shocked faces as I said nothing was planned. In the blogging world mummy’s and daddy’s are dressing their houses, making Easter Bonnets, crafting some rather epic projects and well basically getting into the spirit.

In my friendship circles, not so much. Or maybe I just haven’t seen. So, in a bid not to be so boring, and because Lil G said… ‘We are having an Easter Egg hunt at Kindy mummy, will I be having one at my home?’

We will have an Easter Egg hunt. I will be decorating his play room. Just a little bit.

I did what any mummy under pressure would and I caved. I said I wouldn’t … But I have. Have I enjoyed shopping around, seeking out ways of making the morning of Easter Sunday a fun one? Absolutely. Am I quite excited for this evening when I dress Lil G’s play room a little, I am now.

All in moderation and that! Who am I kidding, there is no moderation. Far too many eggs have been dropped off from friends and family. Mr H however, as expected has reigned me in. Or so he thinks! Eek.

And here is what I have been buying…





How will you be celebrating Easter?

For those interested, I picked the sign and egg hunting kit up from a really gorgeous shop Luck & Luck. The Easter egg hunt eggs were from ASDA. The paper chains and egg decorations were from a local craft shop.

If you are looking for ways of entertaining your toddler over the Easter period then you could take a look at my Pinterest board here…

Have fun.

KA x 

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10 thoughts on “I said I wouldn’t …

  1. Good for you! I remember Easter as a family time – hot cross buns on the Friday, a couple of Easter eggs on the Sunday and a big roast dinner. That is exactly what we have done! Happy Easter and thank you for linking to #PoCoLo 🙂 x

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  2. Haha I was having a convo along these lines to my hubby about feeling slightly hyprocritical of going all out at Christmas but still viewing Easter as a religious celebration and not celebrating as we’re not religious! My son Toby is just approaching 9 months old so thankfully was non the wiser about his lack of chocolate, hunts, gifts and decorations but I knnow the guilt will catch up with me at some point!xx #PoCoLo

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  3. I only got J an egg and that’s it, I was like you, wondering why people were making a fuss. Now today I’m looking at all the kiddies smiles as they pose for IG pics and I wish I would’ve made a bigger deal. Thankfully with J only being young he hasn’t noticed that his mummy is useless, but I plan to change that next year!! Happy Easter! X

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    • Aaahh he won’t know any different, thankfully he doesn’t have FB or IG on his radar. I hadn’t planned it but then felt that mummy guilt as you did. I spent less than £20 and £10 of that was on an easter hunt set and decorations. The rest on big and small eggs. He loved the foot prints. The shrieks were amazing. The good thing is the egg hunt set can be saved for next year so it was an investment really. So glad I did. Next year I am going to make easter bunny shaped pancakes for breakfast too! Eek x x


  4. While writing this I have about 15 chocolate eggs overhead. My son is so obsessed with chocolate eggs and well we kept on buying him one thinking this time he will eat it but no he is displaying it on the kitchen and said he will only consume them on Easter. Hopefully he will share as 15 is a lot! #pocolo

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  5. I totally empathise, because I’m not one for OTTness when it comes to seasonal events. I see lots of things in the blogging world like Christmas Eve boxes, or book advent calendars that I don’t see among friends and family. Is it one-upmanship? Who knows. Does it make me feel like a rubbish mum because I don’t do it? YES!! We haven’t done a single thing for Gwenn this Easter (she’s two in two weeks). Haven’t even bought her a present. So as you can imagine going through Instagram makes me feel as if I should have her taken off me for her own good. x


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    • I’m one of the crazy ones at Christmas however I and we as Mr H is worse, have always been this way. It’s Easter that doesn’t seem to be celebrated, especially with decoration. The egg hunts and gifts seem to happen. This is our first year though making an effort and G is nearly 4! You shouldn’t feel guilty for not taking part. It’s all personal choice x

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