My Sunday Photo {Water}

MySundayPhoto 5Apr


This was taken yesterday. We ventured out to a park which we wouldn’t normally visit as Lil G often goes with his Kindergarten group. However on his request we took teddy Roo on an adventure to see the water fountains. Lil G absolutely loves them. Completely mesmorised by how the spray from the fountains changes direction. He couldn’t quite understand why. I had to explain this is because of the wind. His response … that’s a super fact mummy, I’m going to tell Dan (one of his Kindy teachers)

Such a peaceful view minutes listening to the spray falling on to the lake. I love how the blue sky is trying it’s best to break through the cloud. Thankfully it did.

For this post I am linking up to the lovely Darren from One Dad 3 Girls for #MySundayPhoto and Emma’s #CheckOutThatView. You can check out the linkups here…



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