Week 14 : Project 365, A Photo, Everyday, For a Year

Keeping it simple this week as I need to get back to Lil G and all the Easter Sunday fun we are having. We had our own little Egg Hunt this morning and we’re off out this afternoon to Trentham Gardens who are hosting a BIG one around their stunning gardens.

So in a nutshell here is our week in photo’s…


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Day 88 – Last weekend it pretty much rained all weekend. At 6pm on Sunday the rain stopped. The sun shone and a beautiful blue sky appeared. As the nights are lighter we headed out for a peaceful stroll around the streets. We needed the fresh air!

Day 89 – That would be the clocks going forward finally taking it’s toll on Lil G who had a week of late get ups.

Day 90 – He loves this Library Tray from GLTC … Organising his books is apparently so much fun. 

Day 91 – We are off on our holibobs soon, so the lovely team at SplashAbout sent Lil G this suit to keep him safe in the water. I’m not sure if it makes him look like a big boy or my little baby again. Either way he’s pretty scrummy in my eyes.

Day 92 – Quite simply a morning of aeroplanes and floral mugs.

Day 93 – A rainy Good Friday meant a day of practising Lil G’s ball skills indoors. Of course!

Day 94 – Let the Easter fun begin. The Easter bunny decorated Lil G’s Play Shop and we had a lot of fun selling eggs to all Lil G’s teddy’s

And that’s a wrap. For this week’s post I am linking up to The Boy And Me‘s #365 Project


TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


9 thoughts on “Week 14 : Project 365, A Photo, Everyday, For a Year

  1. Another one who has his hood up in the house, Bob does it and for some reason it grates on my nerves.
    Love the sunny Sunday pic, its nice when the rain stops and you can get out.
    Hope the teddy’s did not over indulge, but love the shop.
    Hope he enjoys his swimming, costume looks very handy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the play shop. So much variation to what they can play. N would love one.

    Think he looks really cute in the swimsuit, although yes, younger than he is. After Water Babies with no floats, now N is in proper kids swimming lessons, he’s in a float belt (basically string with similar float bars to the suit Lil G has). They work really well, although it feels like going backwards from having had no support before.

    Liked by 1 person

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