Spring at Stockley Farm Park : Review

Yesterday we took advantage of the beautiful weather we have been blessed with this Easter and headed to Stockley Farm Park, Arley near Northwich, Cheshire. Our friend and her two children joined us which made for a pretty fun afternoon.

At Stockley Farm Park your day will start with a tractor ride from the car park to the entrance of the farm. Perfect for children of all ages who love a little adventure. Sitting on hay bales, bumping along a dirt track passed fields of cows and sheep, fun fun fun. You can hear the excitement building as the journey comes to an end.


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This was our second time visiting the farm and whilst it was much busier with it being a Bank Holiday and Half-Term, we very much enjoyed our day out. And that’s what I love about the farm. It really is a whole day out. It was my friends first time on the farm and I was really interested to see how she viewed the facilities. She was also very impressed and will be returning. The only negative thought she had which of course is down to timing is how busy each scheduled activity was.

As a family who seek out farms, I can honestly say that Stockley Farm Park offers something quite unique. As it is a working farm, the children have so many opportunities to get up close and personal with the animals. From petting rabbits to feeding kids and lambs and grooming ponies there is so much to see and do. Mr H and I did notice a couple of differences this time round which if I’m honest altered the experience for us, not for Lil G though which of course is most important.

Last time we visited Lil G was able to hold each of the animals on his knee. He remembered this so when it didn’t happen this time round, he did get a little upset. Unexpectedly a hedgehog was brought out. He was desperate to stroke it but sadly he missed out as the tannoy went off for the next event. This may have been the case due to how busy it was. Sadly a toddler does not understand that. I guess that means we have to go back on a quieter day!

What is there to do?

So much choice. There is a schedule which runs pretty much to military precision. Every 30 minutes from 10.30am there is an announcement over the tannoy advising you of the next activity and where it is. I love this. You can hear this announcement from all areas therefore you do not need to worry about venturing out to the fantastic outdoor park and then missing something.

The individual activities are a must however we also very much enjoyed wandering through the larger barn where there are more kids and lambs, pigs, calves, baby chicks and smaller animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Lil G is a huge fan of owls therefore we spent many a moment wandering back to that area. We also found this educational board which Lil G really enjoyed. We worked together on the questions. As Lil G is fast approaching the age of 4 he loves a question! Thankfully the staff are happy to listen and then answer!

Here are some of the moments I managed to catch…

Review SFPb

Review SFPe

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Review SFP


Top Tips

  1. If possible visit at a quieter time to avoid crowds – you will most definitely enjoy the animal petting and feeding more so
  2. Arrive early to the farm to beat the crowds, most activities are repeated throughout the day with the first session commencing at 10.30 – the farm becomes busier after lunch. (We have visited at 10am and 1pm. If I am honest I preferred the calm of arriving as the farm opened)
  3. To beat the rush to each activity I would look out for the many schedules posted in and around the area near to the entrance.
  4. The cafe is reasonably priced and the food is delicious. Tried & Tested. I even saw one of the staff making one of the desserts which looked scrummy! Homemade is always a big tick for me.
  5. Be sure to ask the many members of staff wandering around for help, advice or even just about the animals. They are all so friendly, helping and willing.
  6. Be sure to visit the outdoor park area at the back of the farm. We always save this area to last. Allows the little ones to run off some steam and take a little nap on the journey home!


Good to know

  1. Baby changing facilities are available
  2. Bottle warming and high chair facilities are situated in the main cafe
  3. There are several indoor and outdoor picnic areas available
  4. If you find yourself visiting on a bad weather day then you will be pleased to know that almost all events are under cover
  5. Regular tractor rides to and from the farm therefore no need to worry about the length of queues

And finally… If you haven’t visited then I would highly recommend that you do.

KA x


* Disclosure: We were gifted entry to the Farm in exchange for an honest review


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