Week 15 : Project 365, A Photo, Everyday, For a Year

Well this has been a rather dreamy week. I have been off with Lil G and Mr H for our Easter Holibobs. We have had a really lovely time together. I am already starting to feel a little sad at the thought of it being very nearly over *sobs*. Ohhhhhh to work part-time. Ohhhhhh to never working again.

Here is our week in photo’s…


Review SFPe

365 10Aprb

365 10Apra


365 10Apr

G & Alf


Day 95 – Easter Sunday we took a trip out to Trentham Gardens to run off all that chocolate Lil G chose to eat for his breakfast. I watched the boys climb this rather HUGE tree. Boys will be boys.

Day 96 – On Monday we went to Stockley Farm Park to review their Egg-stravanganza Event. Wow. This moment nearly made me cry. Lil G was amazed by how strong the baby kids were. And that as babies they drink milk like he did! If you live in a commutable distance to Northwich, Cheshire then I would highly recommend it. You can read it here.

Day 97 – On Tuesday, Lil G spent the day together just us.The sun was shining so we packed a picnic and headed to Trentham Gardens. I realise that I mention this place lots. Other than the beach, it is our happy place. We have annual passes so makes for a really lovely day as there is as much or as little to do as you like. On this day we chose to explore. This is Lil G playing Captain George and driving ‘Miss Elizabeth’ around the lake. All the other children were jealous that he had been picked. I was so proud of him for being brave when asked to go up by the real captain.

Day 98 – We stayed with friends on Wednesday. Little cuties. The fun they have is so infectious. Happy days indeed.

Day 99 – Fun at the beach for Thursday. Wahoo. Mr H took this picture as sadly I had to stay with the bags whilst they walked out to the sea. Such a fantastic shot. One of my favourites actually.

Day 100 – A trip out to the park for Friday. A mummy and George day. A boy and his rabbit. Lil G has taken a shine to Peter Rabbit and hasn’t put this little teddy down all week. I absolutely love watching him take his teddy’s on an adventure. Oh to be in his imagination.

Day 101 – An early morning walk. A boy and his dog. The relationship these two have is just so beautiful.

And that’s a wrap. For this week’s post I am linking up to The Boy And Me‘s #365 Project where you will find a whole host of bloggers who share the same love for this project. A Photo, Everyday, For A Year…


TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


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