A BIG Week

This week has been filling me with dread for a few days now. Building up inside. Which as we all know makes for sleepless nights and well a lot of worry.

3-days. 3 events in the diary. For different reasons they each leave me feeling anxious. Mr H too. All of which could go horribly wrong or if luck be on our side then quite well. I must stay positive. That would certainly make the next few month’s a little easier. And let’s hope it’s the latter.

With just a little bit of excitement for the email that should ping into my inbox on Thursday, but for the next 3-days it really is dread. The decision is out of our hands. And that’s what is so difficult about the week ahead. I am not completely in control. Eek. I’m not in control. I am not in control. They say positive thinking is the answer. To stay hopeful. In reality, not all things are that easy though are they?

Two of the events I really can’t discuss until they have happened. One is extremely personal and depending on the outcome I may not write about it. The third event of the week has been pending since the start of the year. On Thursday we will find out the decision from our Primary School Application. The decision on which school Lil G will be attending from September. Eek. Honestly, I am not so sure that I will sleep on Wednesday night. A friend who was going through just this last year, has mentioned that the email popped into her inbox at 3-am. So, what do I do? Do I set my alarm or just attempt to sleep and wait until I wake at 6-am? Or stay awake? Or, as Mr H has said, what will be will be and we are to go asleep and wake to the news.

As far as Lil G is concerned … ‘That’s simple, Freddy’s School of course’. His best friend. Which is our first choice however as we live just outside of the catchment area it isn’t as simple as us being awarded our first choice. For now I live in hope that our supporting statement pleases the selection team. That they understand how important it is for Lil G to be awarded a place at our chosen School. It is the School where his friends are and will be. It is the School which gave us that feeling. Let there be hope. Let there be love.

Fingers and toes crossed for good news this week. For now, I wait. Patiently and in hope. Tea will get me through. You can always rely on a cup of tea!


KA x


9 thoughts on “A BIG Week

  1. We are in the same limbo here- our catchment school is our third place school and I really would rather Mads didn’t go there. Unfortunately it looks more than likely that she will end up going there but I will just wait with baited breath. I hope you get your first choice. x

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  2. I know how you feel, I’m going through the same. We have applied for three very good schools in our village and I didn’t think I was that worried about which one Becky will end up in, because she has friends in all of them and the are pretty equidistant to where we live and they all have outstanding ratings. However, last night I dreamed that Becky was rejected from all of these and ended up in some random, horrible school in the next village, which doesn’t even exist! So subconsciously, I must be worried about it after all. Oh well, we’ll know soon enough! Good luck, and hopefully you will get your first choice. x

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