My First Blog Anniversary


Naturally I found myself in the last month and days of this here blog year, reflecting on my little blogs accomplishments, the trials and how often I hit the marks of personal and professional success and happiness.

You see my blog is first and foremost for me therefore I set myself personal goals. And some days no goals at all. I wanted to have it professionally designed {tick}. Thank you Helen. I wanted to add in some fashion posts {tick}. Thank you Nat for giving me the confidence to co host Street Style Sunday. I wanted to increase my readership {tick}. Thank you to all of you for continuing to read and of course to the very lovely Sian for taking the plunge with me into the world of linkups. And lastly I wanted to remain true to myself {tick}.

Secondly, as life as our little family to a degree runs as a business I want it to be professional, to reflect me and my boys. I want it to be about us. I want it to have goals and targets. I want it to be a resource for other parents. I want it to be fun (this part I struggle with). I am not that funny you see. Serious and fluffy yes but not funny. Regular readers will know this! Is it a job or is it a hobby? A hobby more so. I think. I hadn’t planned on it being a business if I’m honest but as the end of Year 1 has arrived I have to acknowledge that it is! Amazing really. I feel rather proud.


Whether I have been blogging for years, 1 year or weeks I feel it will always be important for me to take a moment and acknowledge just how much has happened because of my little blog. How many opportunities have been presented to me because of my blog. To be thankful.

Also to celebrate this little online space I created. Where I share my ideas, my likes and dislikes, my recommendations, my ramblings, my loves, happy moments (many) and on some occasions advice. This is my space. There is much to be celebrated. It is all about memories. The tag line on my blog reads making memories just us. That is life as our little family and this blog will always be my online journal of just that.

For me 2014 and some of 2015 has been mainly about learning. I have always enjoyed the written word, for years I kept a journal. Never did it cross my mind that I would be rewarded in so many ways from my blog. In confidence, in kind, in friendships, in hard cash, in days out and very shortly a holiday. Wahoo. Whether it be from the friendships I have gained, to the lessons I have learnt or the wonderful brands I have partnered with. So much learning. So much confidence. Thank you.

A few special thank you’s…

To Jenny at Lets Talk Mommy – thank you for guiding me, on many emails on how to join my first linkup. It was a foreign language back then. Badges & linkup etiquette! Eek. You took the time to explain and I’m so thankful.

To Sian from Potty Mouthed Mummy. Oh the lovely Sian. You have helped me, guided me and whole heartedly put up with my HUGE lack of technical knowledge. Thank you so so much. A true friend. Who would have thought that I would be calling a bloggy friend for a rant and advice one sunny day in April? Thanks so much honey.

To the literary genius that is Kiran from Mummy Says. A very talented writer. Who gave me some really sound advice. Some writing tips which will stay with me for as long as I write. Who to this day still supports me as a friend. Gorgeous lady.

And lastly to the lovely Sam from Up All Hours. Without you, your gorgeous boy and hubby I wouldn’t be celebrating my 1 year anniversary. You gave me the idea of setting up my blog. Yours was the first blog I read and subsequently stalked! You were my inspiration. So motivating. So kind. And let’s not forget the writing gig you entrusted me with! Thank you. And you have some pretty fabulous friends to top it off!

And lastly lastly, there are a couple of non-bloggy friends who have really supported my blog. Who have read and shared almost every post as they know it’s all about promotion to get these things growing. Laura & Becky thank you so much.

Thank you one and all. Here is to the next 12 months of blogging. Writing. Sharing (we all know how I love to do that!) and of course making friends x x x



16 thoughts on “My First Blog Anniversary

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  2. Happy birthday to us!! One year on the same day!! 🙂 I remember connecting with you when we first started out. Your blog is gorgeous and so are you and it is so well written and lovely to read. I feel like I am on a journey with you. Here’s to many more years! Jess x

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