Celebrations, Long Days & Time Away #LittleLoves



Welcome to this weeks #LittleLoves post. It has been a week of indifference. Long days as I began a new journey with a new business. A week of celebration as my blog celebrated turning 1 and well, a long week away from my boys.

It goes without saying that I have enjoyed a lazy morning today, with tea and snuggles with Lil G. It really is the little things you miss.

On that note here are my #LittleLoves of the week…




I arrived at the office on Monday to find a lovely card from my new team. So sweet. I need to catch up on my blog reading. I’m so sorry if I didn’t get round to reading your #LittleLoves last week. I managed a few but not enough.




I have really struggled to find the time to watch any television this week. Leaving the house at 7.20am and getting back at a similar time hasn’t left much time for anything else. I did however manage to watch Lil G building his new puzzle. He’s never really enjoyed puzzles so watching him, without support piecing this puzzle together was pretty special. It’s a review item so do look out for it on the blog next week. It’s a good one!


A HUGE smile on my face as my blog turned 1 year old on Wednesday (tenuous link I know). I wrote this post if you fancy a read.





Lil G singing the hakuna matata song lyrics. He’s recently become obsessed with The Lion King. I remember being the same when I was a young one. So cute. A must watch film it!


A meat feast on the BBQ last weekend…



This is the Jamie Oliver Insanity Burger. Oh my goodness. I can’t express how good it is. Super tasty. It’s all about the layer of sauce, the bacon, the gherkin and let’s not forget the cheese & mustard spread over the burger as it’s grilling! Think a McDonald’s Big Mac but 1 million percent tastier.

I also made my Chunky Chocolate Cookies for my 1st day in the office. They went down a treat I have to say. You can find the recipe here.
imageAnd lastly

Mr H has surprised me with a date night tonight to celebrate my blog turning 1 and to try and just relax a little really as it has been a very long week, with 3 more just like it ahead of me I’m not quite sure I’ll be blogging much. And then there is my gorgeous boy. Since arriving home last night from some time away I have soaked up every moment with my Lil G. Despite needing to write up some posts on my blog I put them aside as some things are just more important…



 If you fancy joining in with this lovely little link up then do pop over to Morgana’s blog here…




12 thoughts on “Celebrations, Long Days & Time Away #LittleLoves

  1. Aw, sounds like you’ve been mega busy but well done for putting everything aside for your date night and your boy. Why is so hard to step away from the screen and spend time with those we love? It’s always so lovely when we do. Hope you find some balance during your busy weeks ahead. #littleloves x

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  2. Happy Blog Birthday, I love that you got a balloon and had cake. I hope you’ve enjoyed your first week in your new job, you can tell me all about it next Saturday. Really looking forward to a catch up xx

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