Me and Mine {April}

As each new month arrives I find myself feeling so excited about the prospect of the forthcoming months photo’s. Secretly packing the Gorilla Tripod ion each trip out in the event we stumble across a beautiful bed of daffodils or quite simply a moment in our little garden.

I may have said in the previous 3 posts (actually I know that I have) that I LOVE this little family portrait project! Oops. I really do. I am so happy to have stumbled across it. Getting all 3 of us in front of the camera can be a bit tricky however I am determined to capture Our Little Family each month. What with a moody toddler when asked to pose and Mr H who really doesn’t like looking at the camera they do test my skills! Little monkeys.

My next job is to have our doggy on a photo too. However I am already aware that this will most definitely test my skills! I may need wine & the dog or should I say Alfie Bear may need a chew!

April has been a bit of a stressful month for me personally and for Lil G. We really have leant on Mr H to keep us together and strong so the moments below really have been our happy times. Where we have made those memories, just us, free from distractions.

Here are Our Little Family #MeandMine photos for April…










If you’re new to this project then do hit the button below which will take you over to the very lovely Lucy’s blog Dear Beautiful…

dear beautiful

14 thoughts on “Me and Mine {April}

  1. Oh what beautiful spots you have found to take your pictures this month – I don’t carry the tripod with me but I have started to carry the remote trigger and the buggy will make do in a pinch so I can spring a photo shoot on the family when they least expect it!

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