Monthly Monday Melfie {May}

We have managed quite a few melfies this month. I’m impressed actually as this month I haven’t managed to take that many pictures at all!

At the start of the month we were on our holibobs. Lots of opportunity. No 4 isn’t quite a Melfie but I love it so much I had to record it on here! I do hope that Mr H collates all these pictures and makes something of them! *hint hint*.

Anyway, here are some of our melfies from April…






And and then life got very busy and the last two photos are of moments I want to remember. The first being the moment I arrived home after not seeing my boys for 36 hours. For me that was a life time. The second was from Friday when I managed to get home in time to collect him from Kindergarten, for the first time in 2 weeks. Again feels like a life time.



If you’re new to this post then do pop over to the lovely Elfa’s blog ‘Californian Mum’ who hosts this monthly roundup. It’s such a gorgeous link up…

Californian Mum in London
mummy hearts you

6 thoughts on “Monthly Monday Melfie {May}

  1. Oh Kerri-Ann Thank you so so much for linking up! I really really appreciate it!! I adore your photos, and the story behind them.. I so look forward to picking Moo up from school, its a wonderful feeling isn’t it? But it must be hard when you work! Love the picture with Hay on your head! Gorgeous!

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  2. Such beautiful photos. I especially love the first one, and the last two. They show such pure happiness and love. It feels wonderful to be able to capture a moment in a photo. Thank you for taking part and linking up to #monthlymondaymelfie. I hope to see you again on Monday the 1st June. xx


  3. Oh what lovely piccies. You both look so happy. You can tell he is simply your world. It must be hard to be away from each other but it makes the time when you are together, all the more special xx #monthlymelfie x

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