The Moment When…

You look at your child, who all of a sudden is growing up so quickly and thank The Lord that you are his mummy. That you were blessed with the responsibility of being his mummy. You look at him and your heart fills with joy, your eyes with tears and only a cuddle will keep your emotions at bay. The threenager tantrums have stopped (almost), our gentle, kind and easy-going boy has returned.   image

Becoming a mummy has categorically been the best moment in my life so far, I cannot imagine anything else competing if I am honest. The moment when my views on life changed forever. It had a huge affect on the way I viewed my relationships, with my parents, our friends, and those close to me. Those who have hurt me and those who have supported me. Some I closed the door on, other relationships grew stronger. I am glad I made these changes.
There have been so many moments of late where I have felt guilty. You know the one, parenting guilt. My boys have been so kind. So understanding. In turn they have showered me with love and the little things. Which save you from crying, from dwelling from being sad. They have made me smile A LOT

The moment when…

  • You arrive home to flowers
  • You are surprised with a date night
  • You see the smile and excitement on your boys face when picking him up from Kindergarten for the first time in 2-weeks
  • After a whole day away at a conference you are greeted with the biggest smile and the words ‘mummy, my mummy’ as your boy runs towards you
  • You capture those silent moments between a boy and his best friend, you witness just how much your little one is growing up
I’m so lucky to be mummy to Lil G & my furry baby. So lucky to be wifey to Mr H. So thankful. Don’t get me wrong parenting is tough. It’s really tough but oh my the rewards out way the guilt and the difficult moments. And when you have a little family who support you like mine do, who could complain? During the last few days I’ve taken a hold of the quieter moments. Of time just us. Making memories just us. I urge you to do the same. Take a step back. Witness those moments which probably pass you by when there is so much else going on around you.
KA x
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15 thoughts on “The Moment When…

  1. I’m always reminding myself of this, it’s something I go back to time and time again because life rushes by. It’s the simple things that matter most. Lovely post. x

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  2. Great photos with a great lesson attached. Jen has taught me well to step back and #cherisheverymoment Thanks for sharing this uplifting posts and linking up to #bigfatlinky

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  3. Oh KA I couldn’t agree more! My hubby doesn’t buy me flowers (he never has!) but he supports me and is always there to help me in every way! And I being a mum is simply the best gift in the world! These photos are magical because the love and affection you have for each other really jumps out! Thanks so much for linking up to My Captured Moment xxx

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  4. I’ve got two posts nearly ready to go this week and then after that I’m taking a break, for exactly the reasons you’ve mentioned; I want to be more present and appreciate the little things, rather than checking Twitter and replying to comments. I love blogging but I think it can become a bit of an obsession! x


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