Wicked Wednesday {Jekyll & Hyde}

Oh my goodness. Talk about Jekyll & Hyde. That would be this week’s #WickedWednesday post. First of all I’m made to stand in a queue of babies, toddlers and older who all want their face painting. Rather than basking in the sunshine I’m hidden under some hideous tent in the name of Michelangelo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!


Mr H disappeared to get coffee. I was left in a queue of moaning, impatient children who let’s face it do not quite understand the etiquette behind forming an orderly queue.

The sun shone for one day this weekend. One day, and There I was wasting precious Vitamin D moments waiting for Lil G to have his face painted for him to wipe it off within minutes as he no longer likes it. I’m a bad mum. The things we do. For those few minutes of happiness.

To explain just how wicked, how Jekyll & Hyde Lil G was just look at this and all within 90 seconds…

Happy (he’s so beautiful)



Angry (oooohhhh I oughta)



Mr I’m not talking (urgh)



Mischievous (I’m going to put my head under your skirt and each time you ask me to stop I’m going to spin around which makes it worse! Worse because, this is a skirt which has a slit right up both sides, right to my thigh, oh yes, thank goodness for mini underskirts!)




Kids ey!!

Do pop over to Emma’s blog Brummy Mummy Of 2 to see more of those wicked moments…



15 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday {Jekyll & Hyde}

  1. Even a seasoned negotiator can’t talk our darling children out of things at times…. I always said I wouldn’t negotiate with terrorists but even now with D, I’m still a soft touch…

    Great series of photo’s 🙂

    BTW We spotted you at Trentham Garden’s on Sunday but 1. Didn’t want to seem like I was some kind of weird stalker just saying Hi, and 2. We were enjoying our ice creams too much 😉


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