The Little Things I Have Loved


Welcome to this weeks #LittleLoves post.

It has been a week fuelled by caffeine with the occasional (just 1) oh so gorgeous almond croissant. They are HUGE. For those of you who live in or around Manchester. If you are near Spinningfields before midday and need a really nice coffee then head to Carluccios. All coffees are £1 and so are the pastries. They are oh so good. Like no other I promise you!



The outdoor concert dates at Trentham Gardens. For those who were apart of the #LittleLoves crew last year may remember me attending a couple of events. Well, my friend Becky and I have booked Abba and honestly we cannot wait. What’s your favourite song? I have so many. I grew up listening to Motown, Abba & The Jacksons!



The election unfold! The Following – has he really died? Surely not. Game of Thrones. I lost my way with this a couple of series ago however Mr H has ploughed on and I’m actually finding myself watching them again!


The sound of love, life and laughter over the bank holiday weekend. The extended weekend really does make a difference doesn’t it? That extra day to soak up all the lovely family time.


I am in so much love with denim this year. The fashionistas have said for so long that denim is making a huge come back. I’m so happy! Here are the bits I have loved wearing this week…



Picture 1 – Denim shirt, Topshop – Skirt – Topshop (2-years ago)

Picture 2 – Apart from the T-shirt (H&M) all items are from Zara (current stock)


Mr H made a really delicious chicken burger at the weekend. It was all about the bacon and sauce!


And lastly…

I stumbled across this gorgeous quote on Pinterest. So apt right now. Lil G is growing up so quickly. I so badly want him to see me as his friend. I do hope he talks to me as he gets older.


Have a lovely weekend.

KA x



26 thoughts on “The Little Things I Have Loved

  1. I love your denim, it looks fab. I’ve just bought myself a denim jumpsuit for hols, something completely different for me but can’t wait to wear it.
    Oh my goodness those croissants look amazing! xx

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  2. Love your skirt, I always look forward to your little loves updates, they are my favourite. I can not believe the Following- it was such an anticlimax him dying like that! 😉 x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you honey. I always look forward to your IG updates. They are my favourite, your morning shot with your girlies. If I had a garage door I would so be copying! Yes I know the Following. Surely that can’t be it?! It deserved a much tougher exit! I kind of get the feeling that there is a twist coming! Good cop/Bad cop x x


  3. I love almond croissants, haven’t had one for ages. Those ones look absolutely amazing and I’m totally craving one right now! Those burgers look amazing! Love that denim shirt with your skirt, looks gorgeous! Have a great weekend x

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  4. That’s such a lovely quote at the end and something I hope for Little B. I want our relationship to grow and for him not to shut me out as he gets older. That croissant looks amazing-we don’t have them very often and now I’m craving one! Mmmmm! Love the idea of going to see bands over the summer with friends, chilling out having a giggle-enjoy x

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  5. I just love your style pretty! That skirt is fab…I never know what to buy and end up living in the same clothes weekend in and out. That chicken burger looks immense and I’m currently hungry, which is not good! x

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  6. Oh god, that last quote…sniff, sniff….

    Looking effortlessly stylish as always lovely – and I love that wallpaper in your bedroom too.

    I’m a big ABBA fan as well – reminds me of my time at school when I did my singing exams – ABBA was always a top choice for songs!

    Have a great weekend x

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