Living Arrows

My Boy Lollipop.

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There is something rather sweet about watching your little one get oh so excited about the things you once did as a child. We stumbled across an old school sweet shop today and couldn’t help but take a little look. Do you remember spending your pocket-money on sweets in the corner shop? I certainly do.

Lil G loves lollipops and couldn’t resist spending his pocket-money on these bad boys. Raspberry flavour for the little man. Mr H and I couldn’t resist of course! I went for Blackcurrant and Liquorice! Yum. Mr H regretted his choice, Root Beer. Yuk. Poor choice indeed.

And then this happened. His tongue turned blue. Oh the excitement. The shrieks as I popped him in front of the mirror. He literally spent 30 minutes in front of the mirror licking his lollipop and checking out his tongue. Whilst I sat there supervising in fear of our carpet getting covered in a sticky lollipop. Sssshhhh don’t tell Daddy. It’s our secret he said!


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12 thoughts on “Living Arrows

  1. Haha I love this picture, something so funny about it. Reminds me of when they get older and have blue tongues from alcopops. Heaven forbid this time is a long way off for us all haha. Just tickled me that I have pictures of my sister like this from my university days. I love how children love lollipops. Great capture #livingarrows

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  2. He looks so excited, what a great photo! I used to love the traffic light ones from our local newsagents. There was always something so comforting about picking them from the jar and getting them in a little paper bag to take home 🙂

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