Fist Bumps, Plans & Laughter #LittleLoves

Welcome to this week’s Little Loves post.

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As you read this little post I will be settling into my last day of work, possibly eating a full fat breakfast before enjoying a little break to Pembrokeshire with my boys. No alarm, no pre-6am wake-ups. No rushing about. Quality time with my boys. And here are the little things I have loved…


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I managed to sneak in a little bit of reading time on Saturday night whilst Mr H was off out with the boys. Amazing how Saturday nights have changed! No alcohol. Just a nice cup of tea.




This is my guilty pleasure. The Face. Naomi Campbell is one annoying madam but I do love tuning in and zoning out if you follow me. Truth be told, I watch it for the clothes, the photo shoots, the hair & make up. I’ve always watched shows like this. They’re my version of say a Big Brother!

I also watched my gorgeous boy swim 2 x 5m swim’s without any swim aids. I’m amazed. He’s not even 4 years old and already he’s swimming. They have to be the two best video’s we’ve taken. Precious moments thankfully caught on film! I am so proud. I don’t always get to watch him swim however I am so glad that I went last week and cannot wait to go again this weekend. Even if it’s just for the little fist bump he gave me!




You can’t beat a bit of Nile Rodgers. Such a great song. There is a link to the video in the image if you fancy a little listen.


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I’m trying so hard with my diet & training at the minute. Trying hard not to fail with the diet if truth be told. It’s tough some days. Especially on days like today (Thursday) when I left the house at 7.20am and didn’t return until 8pm. Trying to maintain a healthy mindset when I’m just craving the bad foods to keep me going.

I have to remember that I am seeing results. Eating clean is tough. It is worth it. I’ve never felt as good, well apart from pre-baby! Mr H noticed I was struggling and made me this gorgeous Tomato & Basil Omelette one night. I do love Jamie Oliver recipes. You have to try it. So tasty and super quick too.


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I absolutely love this time of year. Hitting the shops. Picking up some of the latest trends. This week it’s new shoes, a new bag and THE skirt. A must for this season. You can read all about my little shopping spree here.

And lastly… Ding dong, 5pm. We are officially on our holibobs. We are lucky enough to be one of the bloggers selected to review Bluestonewales in Pembrokeshire. I’m told it is situated in a beautiful part of our country. I do hope the sun shines as we have so many plans. Mainly to sit out, eat good food and be happy! We are very excited. So if you follow my Instagram page I’m sure you’ll find quite a lot of holiday spam!

Have a lovely weekend.

KA x




9 thoughts on “Fist Bumps, Plans & Laughter #LittleLoves

  1. I’m so pleased you’re off on holiday, hope you’re having an amazing time. Yay for Lil G, what a clever boy, so cute you got a fist bump. You have great style and yay for clean eating, we keep trying but we suck. I’m terrible for eating when I’ve had an exhausting day with the children. I start work next month and I’m hoping a new routine can help me be more disciplined, until then, we’ll keep ‘trying’ – great #littleloves

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  2. Yay, for holidays. I hope you have a wonderful time at Bluestone and looking forward to seeing the pics. You have been doing so well with your training, mine has pretty much gone out of the window since the New Year and I can tell as the pounds have crept on. I need to get back into it in a big way! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Kerri Ann, I adore your shoes they are gorgeous! I have never seen The Face but I was slightly obsessed with America’s Next Top Model and The Rachel Zoe Project, like you mainly for the makeup, hair and fashion. Hope you have a really lovely time away! xx

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  4. Your shoes are amazing K-A! I am a secret The Face fan too, I was hooked to the UK version, I actually didn’t know they had it in different country versions too! Lil G sounds like he is doing amazing at swimming! Have a wonderful holiday and I can’t wait to see the pictures! xx

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  5. You are looking amazingly well K-A! I think you are perfect just the way you are now, but I know that looking after yourself does make you feel better. I’m really trying too – it’s so difficult some days though, isn’t it?! Have the best holiday chicky – can’t wait to see the pictures! Xxx

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  6. You’re doing so well with your clean eating and exercise – you have way more willpower than me! So impressed with Lil G and his swimming. E spends most of her lessons talking or being underwater – so frustrating to watch, haha!
    Enjoy your break! xx

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