An Adventure Under The Stars

We are planning on a little adventure. A little camping trip. One that Mr H and I have talked about for so long but never really got round to. Since Lil G arrived we have been waiting for him to reach the age where he might enjoy such an adventure and we think the time has come! We have one excited little boy. Who is off packing his Gruffalo Trunki as we speak! Psssst it’s not until August but don’t tell him…


As a young girl who only ever went on UK holidays, I wanted to do the same with Lil G. We do have some pretty spectacular beaches and let’s not forget the Cream Teas and Fish & Chips!

So far we have visited Lytham St Annes, New Quay West in Wales, Hayling Island and Portsmouth and in less than 48 hours we will be off to Pembrokeshire and Tenby for the week. Until now we have stayed in a caravan, a hotel and a lodge, a form of accommodation not too dissimilar to our home, however at some point this year I really do want to try camping.

I want to explore our beautiful country before venturing further afield for what is traditionally known as a sun holiday. I guess the one thing you can’t plan for in this country is the warmer weather. With the promise of summer I think it’s about time we started planning our first adventure under the stars. Whilst Mr H is off investigating tents, cookers and well let’s just call them boys toys, I thought i’d take a look at the more practical items, Sleeping Bags.

Mr H and I have sleeping bags from our festival days however Lil G doesn’t. I didn’t realise that 1) there was so much choice and 2) that choosing a sleeping bag had become so technical. So, in a bid to ensure our little one has an o so cosy sleep I have been researching Sleeping Bags for little people.

Sleeping Bags

Did you know…

  • They are affordable (so many people told me that they were an unnecessary expense)
  • Additional padding is often needed – sleeping pads and mats can be added for extra comfort
  • Mummy sleeping bags are designed to fit your body shape, accumulating more warmth unlike the traditional shape which lose heat throughout the night as too big
  • Standardisation Ratings – which help you to understand which bags suit certain temperatures
  • Give consideration to what you are using the bag for, when and why
  • You can purchase bags appealing to your children, with favourite characters and bright colours

Having researched sleeping bags for little people I am convinced that they are worth the investment. Kids’ sleeping bags are the key to keeping them warm. A warm, safer and happier child makes for a more enjoyable experience for all! That’s a parenting win right there. The science behind it is actually pretty simple:  A smaller sleeping bag means less space that a child’s body has to heat up to keep them warm.

Do you have any recommendations for sleeping bags for little ones?

KA x

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* This is a sponsored post which I was remunerated for.


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