Routine, Healthy Eating & Work Life Balance #LittleLoves

Welcome to this weeks #LittleLoves post. A nice short working week for me after spending 10 dreamy days with my boys. Today is rather special. For the first time in 6 weeks I get my working from home day back, which means I get to walk Lil G to Kindergarten. We are both so excited. For the last 18 months its been our routine and it’s been a long few weeks without it I tell you. I’ve really missed it.

FullSizeRender (93)


Two posts have stuck with me. Papa Tont wrote a post on Lone Parenting. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the points. It also struck me on how little time I’ve spent with G each day since commuting 5 days. I’m so glad I get a little of the balance back by working from home on a Friday.

And then there is the lovely Em from Life At The Little Wood who wrote a post on how she’s been targeted recently by a rather awful individual. This disgusting person does not deserve the voice he or she has. I presume it is some horrible jealous individual. I have been lucky enough to meet our gorgeous Em, who is one of the sweetest people I have met. She does not deserve what has happened. When is it ever ok to send someone hate mail?

On a more positive note, I have been reading these two stories with Lil G…

FullSizeRender (110)

Watched …

The Theory of Everything – the Stephen Hawking story. Wow. What a great movie. If you think you’re having a tough day, that things aren’t quite going your way, then watch this movie.


Heard …

I’ve updated my playlist on Spotifty for you. I’ve been listening to some of my old favourites this week. You can’t beat the memories music brings flooding back.

My favourites this week; Flight – Foreign Language and  If I could change your mind – Haim


It’s been a week of salads, nuts and fruit for me. I hope to make some sweet treats at the weekend to share with you next week.

FullSizeRender (24)


It’s all about the Zara Denim skirt I picked a few weeks ago. And let’s not forget my new block heel shoes, also from Zara…

FullSizeRender (26)

FullSizeRender (112)

I also ordered these dungarees from H&M on Monday which I’m desperate for them to be delivered. They’ve been so popular and kept selling out on the website. I saw them pop up on one of my fave style IG accounts; A Stylish Something, so fingers crossed they a) fit me and b) I like them on!



And lastly…

Mr H and I are off out for a meal with friends on Saturday to celebrate a birthday. Hopefully the dungarees will make an appearance!

We are officially on countdown until we whisk Lil G off to DisneyLand Paris for his 4th birthday. Oh the excitement. Despite being ridiculously excited we’re also a little bit emotional about the fact our gorgeous boy is just that, a big boy and no longer our baby. He’s going to be 4. Eek. Which also means he’s going to School soon too. Oh my goodness. Stop the clock. Please.

And lastly, lastly… I am trying to grow my blog following on Facebook. A follow would be lovely if you fancy?

Have a lovely weekend x x



31 thoughts on “Routine, Healthy Eating & Work Life Balance #LittleLoves

  1. Those books look fun 🙂 I love those lunchboxes,that company do all sorts of cool stuff that I have to resist the temptation to buy..! Ooh Disneyland, how exciting!! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

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  2. I love your denim skirt, I really need to get myself one for summer. I am so fickle with denim skirts, I buy one love it for a few weeks and then hate it and it never gets worn again.
    Must be so lovely to get your Fridays back, it’s those little things that make a huge difference. Funnily enough, we just found the We Shared A Shell book in a jigsaw version in the back of a wardrobe so have been playing and reading it the past few days.
    Have a fab week KA xx

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  3. Glad you get your Friday’s back working from home. It’s lovely being able to spend that little bit of extra time with your little ones, I know I’d miss it if I ever had to return to an office rather than working from home. I absolutely loved that film! I assumed I wouldn’t like it, but it’s definitely one of the best films I’ve ever watched. Enjoy your meal out tonight! x

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  4. How incredible is ‘The Theory of Everything’? So, so touching and so well done. Totally amazing. I am loving your lunch boxes too. I bought a denim skirt from Zara after seeing yours – it’s ore washed out and buttons all the way down. I absolutely love it!!! Really hope your dungarees arrive – they’re gorgeous. Happy weekend! xx

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  5. Love the Zara shoes! They are so cute. The Disneyland trip sounds amazing you will have to keep us posted. I can’t wait to take my boys. I think we might wait a couple more years though. Have a good weekend! xx

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  6. Thanks very much for the mention, and how exciting about Disney Land, but be honest who’s gonna enjoy it more, Lil G or you? I like the dungarees too, I’ll have to get me some, well men’s version anyway. Men wear dungarees don’t they?

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  7. Thanks very much for the mention, and how exciting about Disney Land, but be honest who’s gonna enjoy it more, Lil G or you? Love the dungarees too, I might have to get myself a pair, well a man’s version anyway. Men wear dungarees right?

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  8. Ooh Disneyland sounds exciting! My littlest just turned 4 so I am so with you on wanting to slow the clock down, time really does just whizz by. Loving the outfits from Zara too, I never manage to find anything I like but maybe I need to have a *real* look next time I’m in the city. #littleloves

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  9. You look fab as ever. Completely get how excited you must be to get that bit of routine back. So tough when the moments are taken from us. Looking gorge in the pictures as ever lovely! xx PS I am really excited for you EuroDisney trip too, he’s going to love it!

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  10. I’m so jealous of Disneyland, we’ll be going in a couple of years, we’re waiting for Eden to be a little older. You look great in those dungarees. I will be going to read Em’s post next 😦 Glad you’ve had such a lovely time away and are enjoying being back in a routine. I need your snack box information, where are they from? All of them are so cute xxx #littleloves

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  11. You are lovely K-A. Thankyou for that. 🙂
    Oh my, you look so pretty in all your pictures. I’m dying to see these dungarees on you. I have them in the normal denim! And the countdown is well&truly on for Disney! I’m sure you are so excited. Your little man will just love it. Have a great weekend lovely xx

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  12. I also read that post from Em and thought it was horrendous, definitely something nobody deserves. I love those shoes in your pictures and those dungarees look awesome. I also really need to get some of those lunch boxes in my life #LittleLoves

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  13. Those dungarees are lovely and I am sure you will rock them!! We have both those books and funnily enough I have been reading the troll one too this week {to the kids obvs!} hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow xx

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