Bedtime Stories {The Ordinary Moments}

Ever since Lil G was born Mr H has read to him at bedtime. It’s their thing. Something they have always done together. There is this connection between them which I know I’ll never be able to break. That’s ok. Their bond is beyond cute. The little things they do are the sweetest. They make me so proud.

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A son’s first hero is his Dad. So true. Most days I look at them and smile, others I feel a little sad. That I don’t get to read to Lil G at bedtime. That they have this little routine which despite all the bribery in the world, never I am allowed in! I’m being silly but it’s just so cute and I want in! Even our doggy gets involved! Despite all the doggy treats I try to bribe him with even he won’t leave the end of the bed until Mr H does! But oh no not me.

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Often I find myself listening in, it really is one of those moments that takes your breath away. Listening to them making their way through each story. Lil G trying his best to persuade Mr H to read just one more story. Just a little one… I hear him say! Lil G taking over and ad-libbing much to Mr H’s dismay. He he. Go Lil G! I’d let you ad-lib your way through any story kid. Aha maybe that’s it. A cunning plan I know but it’ll be worth it to hear the cuteness of Lil G reading his own stories.

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And then this happened…

Mr H knows that I feel a little sad about this, so when they arrived home with two new books last weekend and Lil G asked me to read them to him, my heart may have skipped a beat. I think Mr H may have prepped him. He’s a keeper isn’t he! Giving up his precious routine with Lil G so that I could have a slice of the bedtime magic!

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I never knew just how much I was missing until Lil G asked me to read him a story. It was one of those moments which choked me. Where I had to hold back the tears and stop my voice from making silly sounds when reading the words to Lil G.

And then he told me why he picked them. The week before last we stayed at the fabulous Bluestone Wales (you can read about that here) and it was there that we crossed a Troll bridge on our way to swimming each day and picked seashells on the beach. Our gorgeous boy picked these books out for those reasons alone. How gorgeous is that? Ooh I could just eat him up.

And there it is. Another one of The Ordinary Moments locked away in a little box. I’m so glad I was able just to get a little peek into what it feels like to read a story or two with my gorgeous boy. I can’t wait for the next time.



11 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Such a gorgeous post lovely and I am glad you got a taster of what it was like- what a lovely tradition though for them to have those special moments just for them. We all read a story together each night, Mads generally chooses which one of us reads it, although I must admit it is normally Daddy who gets chosen the most. I love our bedtime routine and reading to them, it was one of the things I was most looking forward to about being a Mum. x

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    • It was something I always looked forward to but often it turned out Mr H did the routine and I cleaned about so missed it and now I can’t squeeze in. Good old Mr H for allowing me to steal a little bit of his routine x


  2. Oh that is sooo sweet on why he chose those books!!

    My eldest went a whole week of not wanting me to read a story to her at bedtime, but then when she said yes for a bedtime story I was over the moon!

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