Me and Mine : A Family Portrait Project – May 2015

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This month’s post is very much centred around enjoying our time together as a family. We managed to capture a memory for each week of this month this time which I am really happy about. For the last few week’s I’ve had to commit to commuting 5-days per week which has really been difficult. Not only because I have been tired but more so because I have missed my morning walks to Kindergarten with Lil G. I have really missed our time together. Thankfully from this week I have now started working from home 1-day and oh my I cannot tell you how happy it has made me. Despite the rain on Friday, it was one of the best morning walks we have had.

With not being around so much on the week days I have tried to make our weekends all about family and thanks to this wonderful world of blogging we were able to sneak in a little break to Bluestone Wales as well. The picture above is from our little holibobs. Lil G was the one who suggested we take the picture here with Tenby beach in the background. A budding photographer maybe, or just the result of being a bloggers child!

He’s such a cutie and for the most part is happy to let me attempt to set up our Me and Mine photo’s. Although not so much in the third photo below! Ha ha. Miserable boys they were that day! Upside down smiles they had.

I need your help though lovely Me and Mine contributors – I need more ideas and ways of capturing our shot each month. Help. I don’t have a big camera, just my iPhone. I do have a Gorilla Tripod.

To get my boys involved so that they understand how important this monthly shot is, I asked them to pick their favourite images this month and here they are…

FullSizeRender (116)

FullSizeRender (114)

FullSizeRender (115)

FullSizeRender (24)

My favourite was the bouncy pillow. It has become a bit of a family tradition for Our Little Family to visit Amerton Farm where this pillow appears in May each year. I have a really cute video from each year of the boys bouncing but as it was really quiet when we visited I thought it was a perfect place to capture a bit of fun together.

For this lovely project I am linking to the beautiful Lucy from Dear Beautiful. Do pop over to her blog and take a look around. There are some gorgeous family captures waiting for you…

dear beautiful

21 thoughts on “Me and Mine : A Family Portrait Project – May 2015

  1. I love the one of the bouncy pillow too, lovely! I get a little stuck for inspiration too but to be honest it is just an achievement to focus on getting one photo so I think the more adventurous ones will have to wait a while. I love your photos each month as they just chart your life over that month and that is what makes them special xx #meandmine

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    • Thank you honey, so kind of you to say so. I think I just want them to be closer, brighter an more professional looking but I guess as I don’t have the big camera that may not happen for me yet. Let’s hope Mr H is reading my thoughts on a camera ! x x


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