It’s All Kicking Off…

As I woke this morning to the most beautiful clear blue sky, and my morning ritual of a cup of tea and a sneaky look at my sleeping beauty, I couldn’t help but feel excited. It is the first of a new month, more importantly it is June 1st. This month is rather significant for Our Little Family. Our gorgeous boy was born in June. It is a month of planning, preparation and excitement.

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So many dates in the diary to look forward to. Lil G’s parents evening at Kindergarten, Sports Day, our first official parents evening at his Primary School (eek), his 4th Birthday (double eek), and let’s not forget his surprise trip to Disney Land Paris for his birthday. All of the EEKS for that one!

It’s all kicking off. This month he turns a whopping 4 years old. It is so cliché but seriously where has the time gone? How are we here so soon? Is he really 4 years old and is 4 the magic number? We miraculously skated through the terrible twos, we most definitely hit the Threenager years and can still feel the pain, oh the tantrums. They were tough.

Over the last few weeks things have settled. We’re seeing more and more of Lil G’s personality. It’s rather wonderful. He understands so much more. He’s inquisitive. We can reason with him on most occasions. He even asked what he can do to earn pocket-money a few days ago! He’s rather dreamy actually. I look at him and can’t help but smile. He’s so beautiful. So gentle. So kind. So thoughtful. Such a good blend of Mr H and I. We love you George Archie.

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The big 4! With that brings so much excitement. It also brings a little bit of something else. Not sadness, what’s there to be sad about? Maybe its apprehension. Yes that’s it. As his birthday approaches I am becoming more and more conscious of the fact that in September he will be starting Big Boy School. I will have myself a little school boy. Off on his educational journey. Oh my goodness can you imagine that first day? His uniform, his little yumbox filled with his first school dinner, his school bag. Everything really.  It’s going to be very emotional. It’s going to be very exciting.

If only I could scoop him up, escape to a beach and keep him all to myself from now until then? Just to soak up these last few weeks and months before he kicks in with the biggest adventure so far. Do you think anyone would notice?

How will I cope? Will he cope? So much apprehension. So much excitement.

And so, in a bid to rid my mind of Big School preparations my thoughts turn to DisneyLand Paris. In 24 days we will be on our first trip, on an aeroplane as Our Little Family. Lil G’s first holiday out of the UK. In 25 days it will be our gorgeous boys 4th Birthday and we will be celebrating by enjoying breakfast with these cheeky monkeys. Amazing. As I write this I am wondering who will be having more fun, Lil G or myself & Mr H! It’s a close call.


Are you on the countdown to anything BIG? Or have any advice to a mummy who is consumed with big school worries?

KA x

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14 thoughts on “It’s All Kicking Off…

  1. Wow what a great month indeed. I love the anticipation and build up to things. Always have to have a countdown. We are counting down to America for the summer leave in two weeks but MM also turns 2 years old in two weeks too. So much going on here too. I feel you. Happy early birthday little dude. B will be 4 soon too. How fast do they grow up? Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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  2. Awww I can’t believe he will be 4. My little boy turned two on Monday just gone. June 1st. It’s so exciting but the time has gone so quick. Enjoy disneyland paris. I have been a few times and it really is magical. I went when I was 9 and a few times since, it’s just as magical for us as it is for them. I can’t wait to take my little boy one day. #Sharewithme

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  3. I understand this post so so well, my little girl turned 4 a few weeks ago, she has changed so much, we have chats, she has a need to learn and she is less baby like all of a sudden. But I am not ready for her to go to school, to be in someone elses care full time, I am to ignoring and looking to other pleasures.
    Disney is the best distraction, it is the most wonderful place xx

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  4. So so so exciting. Our little man is 3 this month too. I am so excited for you eek, for Disneyland, we’ll be going when my Mother-in-law turns 60. So much fun, I can’t wait. I will be reading all your posts eagerly. Happy Birthday month for little man, eeek school, all is very exciting x #sharewithme

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  5. Oooh exciting time KA, June is a fab month for you guys! You know what I’m looking forward to, remember? Getting hitched on G’s birthday, eeeek! Then off on honeymoon to Venice the following Monday 🙂 The wedding is exciting, but I think I’m looking forward to July the most, as we have our next trip to Butlins, another friend’s wedding, our first camping trip with friends and all our house building work and decorating being finished, plus new school meetings/inductions. August WILL be more chilled out! Enjoy your awesome plans lovely lady xx

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