With a little help from a friend {The Ordinary Moments}

A few week’s ago we found out that our gorgeous boy had been awarded a place in our first choice Primary School. We were delighted. A little emotional. Aware that our gorgeous boy is growing up … and fast. From the moment we found out it literally feels like our feet haven’t touched the ground. Whether it be physical or emotional, the preparations have begun for all of us.

Two week’s ago we had our first parent’s evening where we were guided through what life will be like for Lil G and for us as parents to a pre-schooler. Eek. My boy, not a toddler, but a pre-schooler. And then today arrived. Our first ‘Summer Fete’ at Lil G’s new School. As part of the settling in process they invite you along to enjoy the less formal setting of the everyday School. To wander around in a setting which would be more inviting, as well as to spend a lot of money on a tombola and cake sales and bouncy castles! All in the name of fundraising and settling in to new routines!

And with a little help from a friend Lil G survived his first visit to his Big Boy School…


These two are beyond cute. Their little friendship is growing just as quickly as they are. We are so lucky to have known this little family for as long as Lil G has been with us. They have played together for 3 years and what makes their friendship all the stronger is that we are also neighbours. They have made their way through nursery together only being separated when Freddy went to school last year.

As I watched them standing in a queue to board the bouncy castle they were holding hands, giggling, chatting and cuddling away which was nothing but gorgeous. Cute. They both have this gentle, sweet nature which is so lovely. They have such a beautiful friendship. They play so well together. Such good boys. As Lil G doesn’t have a sibling it makes me so happy that they are so very close.


It was the moment when Freddy took Lil G’s hand and guided him into their school to show him around, introducing him to the classroom where he will spend his days from September that my heart melted. Showing him different areas of the classroom and explaining what happens in each. A small part of me wanted to cry. And then I had a little clarity. Lil G has a friend who will be able to watch over him. They will be able to have little rendezvous on the playground. He will also be moving to his Big Boy School with 5 other friends from Kindergarten. Everything will be OK.

As we drove away from the School I asked Lil G what he thought about his School. He said… It was amazing. I think I will have a lot of fun. Phew.

I hope he LOVES School. I hope he makes friends. I hope he flourishes and enjoys his educational journey. And now my thoughts turn to his first settling in afternoon. 3-days and counting. Massive Eek.

KA x

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15 thoughts on “With a little help from a friend {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. We missed our induction evening because of being in Italy haha what rebels! I met the head the week before though and she was super chilled and had good banter!

    How cute is this post though, I love it and the visable bond you see, isnt it great? Im like you and probs every other mother this yr with kids starting schoo, worrying if they’ll like it, make friends etc I hope he has an amazing school experience x

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  2. Aww I know exactly how you are feeling lovely as I am obviously going through the same. We did the parents induction on Thursday and then have the settling in sessions coming up over the next month. Plus we are also going to the summer fete at our one too! Such a big, scary and exciting time for them- I can’t believe I am going to have my baby at primary school! x

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