For The Love Of Bedspreads, Bedding & Accessories {KA Loves}

Welcome to this week’s KA Loves post.

Last week I shared with you my favourite children’s wear and accessories brands. This week I thought I’d bring it home! As we love home decor and recently revamped our bedroom I thought I’d share with you our favourite homeware brands from our bedroom makeover.

Those of you that read my little blog or follow my Instagram page will know that we recently decorated our bedroom. After 7-years of renovating our house, and therefore 7-years of planning our my dream bedroom (it’s all in the planning), finally we made it happen! Our bedroom was transformed from a dark and gloomy space, to a light, pretty and rather dreamy haven. One which I now want to sit and read in not just crawl in to! As two full-time working parents to a soon to be 4-year old life is pretty hectic. Morning snuggles and bedtime stories have become just that little bit more enjoyable since decorating our bedroom. It’s now a welcoming space.


FullSizeRender (129)


From restoring furniture, to shopping for carpet, choosing paint samples and let’s not forget the all important bedspreads, bedding and accessories we had a ball. It was a long time coming. Mr H worked very hard. I on the other hand played around with samples, took lots of photo’s and did a marvellous job at supervising the whole project! Ssshhh don’t tell Mr H I said that! I also made copious amounts of tea.

Here are some of our favourite brands…

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of comfort and that’s what I discovered when I stumbled over the Bedspreads and Throws from Yorkshire Linen. You can decorate a room with fancy paper, decorative furnishing however it is the finishing touches which make a room. Heavenly to sleep in each night. Beautiful to look at. Elegant to touch. A peaceful sleep means so much to a sleep deprived mummy! There is something about the way a room makes you feel on walking in to it that sends me off into a dreamy state of mind. For me that’s in the bedspreads and bedding. These are currently on my wish list…



A miracle worker and master of disguise, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This paint has transformed our furniture beyond expectation. There are so many colours to choose from. As we were going for a shabby chic look which fits with our Victorian Townhouse, we went with the colour Ochre. On first looking at the paint and the brushes we were a little surprised by the cost however as it had been recommended by so many friends we simply couldn’t resist. A little indulgent maybe. The finish really is beautiful and absolutely worth the investment. Here are some before & after pictures for you…

Before After


We searched for week’s and months looking for paper and paint. One’s that complimented each other. We visited specialist boutiques and larger high street stores and then we stumbled across a site called Clarke and Clarke. Full of beautiful papers and fabrics, all in different styles and genres. We managed to get ourselves a sample and after careful consideration and a lot of paint samples we made our selection. How expensive are paint samples? We chose right, Clarisse Wallpaper and Blossom White from Dulux. The lighting, the colours, add to that the accessories we chose. It blended perfectly. A pretty display of white, duck egg blue and pink.



Our thoughts then turned to the perfect bed and bedding which came from the ever so dreamy Laura Ashley. As the wallpaper and furniture were so colourful and detailed we wanted to keep things simple. I absolutely LOVE Laura Ashley. In each room of our house you’ll find something which has found its way from the store! We may even be on first name terms with our local branch! Eek. We opted for a cream cast iron bed to take centre stage, with a beautifully finished head-board for that extra something. The bedding is white with a gorgeous lace detailing. It’s simple but so effective against the wallpaper.




And lastly, accessories from M&S. Oh the joy of shopping for accessories. It’s like shopping for sweet treats. M&S as a brand have come a long way in the products it offers in recent months. Same with their clothing. As I mentioned we were going for the shabby chic look and decided that we would seek out unique door handles, all different in shapes, size and colour, door hooks, glass vases and candles. No bedroom would be complete without its accessories. This is what we found…

FullSizeRender (199)

FullSizeRender (200)

FullSizeRender (201)


And that’s my KA Loves for this week. Which brands do you love?

KA Loves Image

* Disclosure : I was compensated by some of the brands listed above

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14 thoughts on “For The Love Of Bedspreads, Bedding & Accessories {KA Loves}

  1. Love your choice of wallpaper! Reminds me of the old Cath Kinston. While I still love them, I’m not liking their new prints lately. I prefer their old style, like that wallpaper 🙂 It has a classic look and makes a perfect focal statement especially for bedrooms. Loving the choice of paint colours too on your furniture 🙂 #sharwithme.

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