School Days, Exercise & Big Boy Hair #LittleLoves

Welcome to this week’s Little Loves post.

This week has been long and hard. I am glad it’s over. A huge sense of achievement but my goodness am I tired. I knew that my new job would be challenging but four 17 hour days have left me feeling beyond tired. I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to have a career which is so rewarding and allows me some flexibility to be there on Lil G’s first settle in session at his new school. That doesn’t stop the parenting guilt kicking in when we are dragging ourselves out of the house at 7.25am four days of the week. I am glad to see the weekend. I am going to enjoy my cup of tea in the morning…

FullSizeRender (203)




I managed to steal a few moments to catch up on my favourite style magazines. I’ve also read some lovely ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’ posts in this months link up. Do pop over and link up any posts which are of the happy nature. For those of you that read my blog will know that I am more of a lover rather than a hater. I don’t write about the downsides of being a mummy because to me there aren’t any. Our gorgeous boy nearly didn’t make it into this world so what is there to be doom and gloom about. We are thankful. I work full-time. I often only see my boy for 2-hours a day so I won’t lie when I say that all the time spent with my boy is something to be thankful for.


On Wednesday it was our first time taking part in a settling in session at Lil G’s new School. He was a little wobbly as we stepped onto the playground, thankfully it soon passed, and he came running out saying ‘that was amazing’. So so proud. I don’t know about him but my emotions were running high. What will the first day be like?

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About some exciting plans for a blogger friend and I am beyond excited for her new journey. I know that this little project will be a HUGE success because she is fabulous. I also heard that Mr H had taken our boy to my hairdressers and had his long hair cut off. I was not happy. The only thing that has saved this from potential divorce proceedings is how happy Lil G is about it. Just look at that pose…




A decision to push harder on my exercise. A few treats have Snook in lately so in a bid to get back on track Mr H has hidden the bad food and I have buried my head in more classes. I’m starting to see some results which have really spurred me on. I have so much more energy since exercising. Getting the balance right is tough sometimes as I really do have to sacrifice some of my evening to keep up with the momentum however the sense of achievement afterwards is worth it. It also tires me out so much that I get a good nights sleep too!



Mr H made the most delicious Sunday Roast, but wait for it, it was mid-week! We’re just so rock n roll you see! The smell of a roast chicken making its way through the house is just divine. And then there is dessert. We have been given a chocolate brownie recipe to make for Mr H on Father’s Day. I just love the presentation jars. I cannot wait to use them!


FullSizeRender (208)



My new shoes and tassels. Yay for leopard print and yay for my Zara bag. We just need the sun to come back now!

FullSizeRender (207)

And lastly…

Mr H and I are off to Manchester on our Date Day tomorrow. The last few times we have gone with a group of friends but not this time. It will be just us. We are really looking forward to spending some time alone. I won’t lie I will miss our gorgeous big boy, but I am looking forward to a few cocktails! Lil G is off on an adventure with Uncle Steven for his birthday so all will be well in the world.








11 thoughts on “School Days, Exercise & Big Boy Hair #LittleLoves

  1. What a great round up of #littleloves! I’m glad Little G is settling in well at his school, these things take time! That roast chicken looks so good, I made one myself tonight! Your shoes are gorgeous! I get the whole exercise gives energy, I have felt the same since I started “mummy & baby bootcamp”! You work such long hours, I admire you as I’m not sure how I would be able to blog and work those hours!! Hope you are having a lovely week and getting excited for Disneyland xxx

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  2. Fab quote and how happy does G look with his new haircut bless him. Glad he enjoyed his settling in session at school – I dread the day I have to take my little one. You must be shattered after working all those hours this week. Hope you have a lovely date night and get some time to relax this weekend x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am always so jealous of your morning cup of tea in bed over on Instagram! I don’t seem to stop for that first hour I am up, and since we have been getting Kinley down earlier, my mornings now seem to start at 6am! If you’re blogger friend is the one I think you are talking about, I also think she will be fab! She has helped me no end since I started blogging. More ways than she realises I think! She hasn’t given much away but she will still be a star I am sure! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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