Our Little Superhero {Living Arrows}

Welcome to this week’s Living Arrows.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. I love that sentence, and so true.

As week’s go, this is a BIG one for Our Little Family. Our gorgeous boy turns 4 years old on Friday and to celebrate we are surprising him with a trip to DisneyLand Paris. We fly Thursday morning. Eek. Having spent a day away from our Lil G on Saturday it seemed like he had grown so much over night. Maybe it is his new hair cut or quite simply that he is growing up. We are so proud of him. As today is the only day that he will be going to Kindergarten this week, they are throwing him a little birthday party. And in true Lil G style he requested that his friends dress up as Superheroes.

We had actually added a couple of new superhero suits (as he calls them) to his birthday box and as a little surprise yesterday we let him open one in preparation for his party. It had to be Thor.

As I waved goodbye to our little superhero this morning it was with a heavy heart. Sad that I can’t be there tonight to pick him up to see how his special day has been. Emotional that this week my boy takes that next step. Getting that little bit closer to becoming a school boy. Time really has flown. I’m excited by his little journey but this year it really does seem to be hitting me that little bit harder. So much will change when his educational journey begins in September. The routine we have known since he was 8-months old. So much change.

I know that I am bias, but oh my goodness he is one handsome little Thor. Have a beautiful day kid.





10 thoughts on “Our Little Superhero {Living Arrows}

  1. Oh Happy Birthday!!! Disneyland Paris how very exciting we want to take the kids there soon. B turns 4 soon too didn’t realize just how close in age our boys are. They will be starting school in september can you believe it? How fast is it all going? Lovely post. #livingarrows

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