Me and Mine : A Family Photo Project : June

 Welcome to this month’s Me and Mine post.

This project makes me smile so much. Mr H is slowly coming around to the monthly photo’s, planning and re shoots! He no longer grumbles when I pop the Gorilla Tripod in my bag each weekend! He even reminded me when we left for DisneyLand on Thursday. Lil G is definitely a bloggers child, always asking… does this look good? and what about here mummy, I like this spot.  He does make me chuckle.

This month’s post has to be all about the magic of Disneyland. I won’t lie when I say that the final shot below took some attempts. I was determined to get it. I had the perfect picture I mind and no matter how many attempts it just wasn’t happening … no passers by (so difficult), all looking at the camera (really), no one looking awkward and of course the full castle. Phew we finally got it.

And here is this months captures…


FullSizeRender (230)


FullSizeRender (228)


FullSizeRender (229)


FullSizeRender (231)


22 thoughts on “Me and Mine : A Family Photo Project : June

  1. Ah I am so glad you had a fab time and I love your photos. Eek we are off to Disney at the end of the month so our Ma and Mine will be from Disney in August I am so excited xx

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  2. Fantastic photos, it looks so quiet there. I hope you had a great time at Disney, I’m very jealous of that first photo ;0) x


  3. nice job.. so did you take your tripod to Disneyland? I don’t think my partner will ever stop rolling his eyes or questioning me with our photos. I think he’s getting better than in the beginning, but he just can’t get comfortable with it.

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  4. These photos make me so ridiculously excited. It looks like you had an amazing time and are making me want to go back even more than I already wanted to!!! Gorgeous photos, and it’s funny how the other halves tend to start coming around to the idea once you start collecting a few photos; my hubby is actually really proud of our collection now (although he still likes to grumble occasionally too.) x

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