Birthdays, DisneyLand & Back to Reality #Little Loves

It has been a week of celebration for our little family. Finally the day arrived, when we could tell our gorgeous boy that we were whisking him off to DisneyLand to celebrate his 4th birthday. Excitement beyond belief. And the outburst on the airplane when the reality hit was the sweetest! By the end of the flight I think everyone within a few rows was aware that it was his birthday! How cute are these cupcakes…


And so, here are the things I have loved this week…


With being away and then catching up on work and sleep I have only managed to read my magazines on the flights. We were so pooped at night from all the walking around the parks that we all just fell asleep at the same time! No reading a book like I’d planned. I’m also struggling to get back into my writing. Hopefully this post will kick start the habit again! Albeit a little late, sorry.

FullSizeRender (234)



Mr H made a gorgeous chicken & chorizo risotto last night for our dinner. Has anyone else been struggling to eat in this weather? I really have had to force myself to eat.

FullSizeRender (236)



A soppy one. We watched our gorgeous boy meet all of his favourite Disney Characters. The moment when he saw Buzz just hit me right in the heart, he was in awe. Mickey too! And then when he saw the Lion King on the parade his little hand waving. Oh my goodness. You can imagine how many tears!!!

George & Mickey, Cafe Mickey

George waving parade


We also watched a new trailer at Disney for the latest super hero movie ‘Ant-Man’. Last night we caught up on some more of the Entourage series. These last few episodes have had me laughing out loud. Have you seen it?


Lots of Summer clothes! Yay for the sun popping his hat on. The weather was so good in Disney. So nice to be out in the sun all day! There’s something rather magical about how the sunshine makes you feel. Here are my favourite outfits from our trip…

FullSizeRender (238)

FullSizeRender (239)

FullSizeRender (237)



Mummy Look … Daddy Look .. For 5 days it was all we heard and it was just fabulous. The excitement. The joy. I saw this mug on our last day and I just had to have it, it summed up our little holiday perfectly.

FullSizeRender (243)


And lastly…

We are planning on enjoying a picnic or two this weekend with our new Joules blanket which matches our picnic bag! I’m hopeful a bbq, maybe even a bottle of prosecco, im crazy like that you see! But first  I think it’s a pimms and Wimbledon cupcake kind of night…

FullSizeRender (244)

I hope you have a gorgeous weekend enjoying the sun!

KA x



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