Our first flight as Our Little Family…

These last few week’s have been filled with so much excitement, planning, more planning and a lot of list making! And why? Let me tell you. We have just returned from taking our gorgeous boy to Disneyland Paris for his 4th birthday. Not only that but also taking a ride on a rather large airplane for the first time since becoming Our Little Family. Eek.

FullSizeRender (262)


Putting aside my worries about Lil G and if he would in fact enjoy flying I also found myself feeling a little stressed about what to pack in my handbag. The list of what to pack for the flight seemed endless and sadly I hadn’t quite found a Mary Poppins type bag to carry everything in! I won’t lie it felt like I was trying to squeeze the kitchen sink into my handbag at one point. I found myself over preparing, preparing for every eventuality. Ensuring we had enough snacks, books to read and let’s not forget toys to play with!

It would appear that fashion handbags aren’t quite big enough when travelling with a little one are they! I thought I would share with you what I packed in my handbag and what I found that we couldn’t live without when flying with a little one…

In an attempt to be practical I chose to take an over the shoulder bag to ensure that I had my hands free for a little person but also for pulling along his suitcase. What that meant (foolishly) was that I was left with less space and a rather achy shoulder from a heavy bag! You can’t win can you! Style vs Practicality. After several attempts of packing my bag this is what made the cut…

FullSizeRender (263)

FullSizeRender (257)

The list…

  1. Ipad (him)
  2. Kindle (me)
  3. Spare pants (I love these Little Bird pants, so retro)
  4. Toys!
  5. Reading material (me)
  6. Reading material (Lil G)
  7. Moisturiser (my skin always goes so dry after a flight)
  8. Boi-ing concealer (it was an early start!)
  9. Sunglasses (for when we reached the other side)
  10. Headphones (for the Ipad and to protect the ears of the passengers from Peppa Pig!)
  11. Lollipops (for take off)
  12. Phone charger (for the airport)
  13. Snack boxes (I love these Happy Jackson snack boxes)
  14. Water bottle

In true Lil G style he also wanted a bag to carry on to the airplane. And like a good Mummy, I was prepared for this little request! I’m a safety girl. We picked up this gorgeous Buzz Lightyear LittleLife bag from Mothercare a few days before our flight. The perfect size. He was To Infinity and Beyond happy given his obsession with Buzz and I was grateful of the few extra inches of space in my handbag, you know for those bits I cannot be without! I think you can call that a parenting win. And here is what Lil G couldn’t be without…

FullSizeRender (256)

FullSizeRender (255)

What would you pop into your handbag when flying with a little one?

KA x

* I have written this post as my entry to be a Pink Lining Ambassador. Fingers crossed I am chosen. It would be such a beautiful brand for Our Little Family to represent.

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8 thoughts on “Our first flight as Our Little Family…

  1. My 2 are older now but when they first flew to Florida aged 8 and 5 I packed a ‘treat bag’ for them each. I gave it to them when we are on the plane and it was filled with colouring in books, toys, books and anything else Disney related I could find. I had to be prepared as they had never flown before and here was me putting them on a plane for 9 hours. Thankfully they loved it. I love the bag you got for Lil G. Fingers crossed as you would be a fantastic ambassador xx

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