A spot of gardening with Compost Direct

I think it’s time. These long summers nights have got me thinking. I’m also a little jealous of all the silky photo’s on Instagram of people enjoying their evenings in their gardens. Finally our thoughts turn to the garden. After recently completing our bedroom makeover it is time. Time for a little makeover. A little love. But where do we start?

Ever since Lil G had his sports day back in June he has been asking to play out in our garden come rain or shine. Apparently practise makes perfect. He’s right there. He didn’t win all of his races you see and with his mummy’s competitive streak running through him he hasn’t quite settled for 3rd place. Whether he’s practising the egg n spoon race or throwing the bean bag our little boy is desperate to improve. Bless his heart. At the minute we say no more often than yes when he asks to go outside.

FullSizeRender (194)

The only problem with Lil G wanting to be in the garden is that Mr H doesn’t like our garden. And he’s quite passionate about it. He has a problem with the amount of dirt that follows us back into the house. It is a labour of love you see. We haven’t actually spent much time out there during the last 7-years other than the occasional BBQ and a spot of alfresco dining. Until recently we have focused on renovating the inside of our house rather than the outside.

We have a little problem with how the grass grows you see and we’re a little a lot unsure as how to solve it. We think it is the rather pretty blossom tree and it’s roots which sit on the edge of the grassed area. Sadly all the grass around it doesn’t grow and often resembles a mud pie rather than a beautiful green grassy area. And as we have to cross this section to get to the grass Mr H pretty much has an embargo on us going on to the grass. Who wants to play on the patio?

FullSizeRender (279)

If truth be told, we are at a loss as to what to do. Do we spend money on high quality compost and topsoil from Compost Direct (a leading online supplier of quality compost, topsoil, bark, turf, blends and also supplies garden tools) and hope it corrects itself? Or do we make a little feature with a seated area around the tree or even a little planted area? Far too many decisions. Far too much choice. As neither Mr H or I are garden savvy we need guidance however paying landscapers isn’t really an option. We are far more suited to home improvements. Until now we have just about managed to cut the grass and prune a few plants. HELP!

We really must make more of an effort with this outdoor space. Lil G is four now. I feel sad that he doesn’t have a beautiful garden space to play in. Or that we haven’t made this more of a child friendly space. We have managed to get away with it thus long as there is a field within a few yards of our house which we regularly walk our doggy on. Lil G is longing to play in the garden and I would love a quiet spot to sit out on a summer’s evening, a glass of fizz in hand, a book and maybe even Mr H to chat to! That would be nice. For now I’ve only managed a cup of tea in a morning.


There are some beautiful larger plants in the garden so it really is sad-looking out at the rest of the space and not being 100% happy with it. Or being able to let our gorgeous boy and dog enjoy the space. When we are in the garden we tend to spend most of our time sitting on a blanket. It would be nice to create a space for Lil G to play on rather than a muddy bog.

This is our garden… 

FullSizeRender (281)

How would you change it?
The lovely team over at Compost Direct have created a little fun sports ground quiz over on their website. One for the adults! We got 6 out of 8 right. I say we but actually I mean Mr H. How about you?

KA x

* Disclosure : This is a sponsored post. All words are my own however I have been compensated for the content.


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