Be known for what you love…

They say love is a pretty powerful drug. It draws you in. Leaving you suspended in time. With hopes and dreams that leave you reaching for the stars. For me that is this wonderful world of blogging. If only everyone understood and stopped judging me.

Be known for what you love

What’s love got to do with it? (I can’t help but sing that line out loud). Well without love you have no passion, without passion there’s no feeling and without feeling there will be no emotion. I write with emotion. With feeling. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I always have and I always will. Blogging has become one of the things I love. It goes without saying that my boys come first, quickly followed by my blog.

This blog is my space, I started this new chapter of my life over 12 months ago as I needed something. Something to be passionate about. Something just for me. It’s much more than that now. It’s my little online space. My corner of the world where I am able to escape. For a few moments or hours.  Where I write about my thoughts, whether that be about life as a mummy, a working parent and a wife. A place where I share what I love whether that be fashion, lunch boxes or tea cups! It’s also a place where I have met some fabulous people who share a similar passion as I do. It feels like a space free from judgement. A space where I can be me and not one where I have to apologise or hold back.

Some days I do worry, that I’m over sharing and other days I know that what I write draws people in. Those are the people I want to surround myself with. The people who get my online space. Or those that want to know more about it. Those people who don’t mind my fluffy and often gooey posts. I don’t wish to share this space with the haters or those that judge me.

There are some people out there in let’s say; the real world. That don’t quite get it. That criticise the time I spend immersed in my blog. That for some reason believe it to be acceptable to talk about me and my blog, in an unpleasant way. And when I overhear this type of conversation, as I did a few days ago, I won’t lie, it hurts.

I didn’t step in. I just listened. It is clear that they don’t understand. It is clear that they are, dare I say it jealous. Or at least bored. Living in a time warp. They aren’t really the type of people who I’d call close friends. They are however my peers and if truth be told I’m the type of person that wants people to like me. To understand. To get me. Which is why it hurt.

I lost myself after becoming a mummy, Lil G was born premature and I found it extremely difficult. These friends won’t know that. They didn’t care then and they don’t care now. No-one other than a parent to a preemie could ever understand the pain of leaving your child in hospital. It still haunts me.

These people who don’t understand my obsession with blogging didn’t understand my initial journey as a parent either. Why? Because they didn’t ask. They judged. They continue to judge. I’ve made a little space for myself, a space for me to escape which has allowed me to share my thoughts, to make some wonderful friends who get me. More than that, it has helped me to gain my confidence back, it has created several opportunities for our little family and myself which have been wonderful. It’s my happy place.

Why do you judge me?

So, if you’re reading this, as I know some of you are. Can I ask that you take a step back. Think about what you said, have the gumption to knock on my door and I will explain what this little space means to me. And then I’ll shut the door. One thing for sure it means more to me than your friendship. And that’s a fact.

And for the record, here are the reasons why I am in love with my blog…

  1. I see something, an opportunity and instead of thinking how happy it makes me, I think about how happy it would make them
  2. I feel more at home online with my blogging friends than I’ve felt in a long time
  3. I can get all-out mad or depressed or happy or whatever it is that I’m feeling and I know it won’t change how my blogging friends feel about me
  4. I’m learning. I’ve learned enough to call myself a blogger and a writer
  5. I have moments of insecurity but their reassurance makes me realise it doesn’t matter
  6. I can be myself and it makes me happy, it’s fun
  7. It is a place where I can share my thoughts and experiences
  8. It is all about the community feeling
  9. I want to inspire others
  10. It is my outlet, a place where I can switch of from everyday pressures

I’m feeling a little bit mis-understood at the minute. Have you ever felt that way?


KA x

Let's Talk Mommy

27 thoughts on “Be known for what you love…

  1. What an absolutely amazing post and so honest. I love why you love blogging and agree on so many of them myself. It really has changed my whole world for the better too. (and I met you too) lol I love your blog and so glad you started. You are doing absolutely amazing with it too. Please don’t ever stop and always remember it’s your space and you can do what you want with it. That’s the beauty of it all. Don’t ever feel pressured to please others. I know I do often and I try to ignore it. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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  2. Lovely post.
    I find that many of my friends don’t understand why I blog or what exactly goes into blogging, the writing, the photography etc. That’s ok though because the online community and friends I’ve made through writing makes up for it.
    Your writing style is genuine, pure and wonderful. I hope you never stop writing – blog away! xx

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  3. Your writing is wonderful as is your blog in general. Most of my offline friends don’t get why I blog and show no support of it but it will never stop me from writing as this online community is wonderful and the release I get from writing is addictive.
    I hope you keep blogging for years and years to come xxx

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  4. So sorry to hear this… I too have had some stick for blogging from family members, questioning the time I spend on it to the worth of sharing our misfortunes for others to laugh at (mind you, have no idea where the latter came as my blog has a positive feel to it… ).

    What I always say is that yes, blogging takes time, but guess how much I watch TV nowadays? Zilch! And I can actually make something out of my blog, and it already provides me some income.

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  5. What a fabulous post KA, and good on you for being honest. Blogging is an amazing thing, although we all get wobbles, and I wouldn’t be without it. It can be hard for people to understand, my sister in law (who is lovely bless her) keeps saying to my Mum about the ‘free’ holidays that we go on. While blogging is amazing, I work way over full time and have spent till 11pm or later on it almost every night for 4 years. So it’s definitely not ‘free’ stuff. It’s hard work but with it you get the most amazing rewards- friendship and community being the best. x

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    • You’re so right honey. Thank you. Like you I work all day in my day job and sit each night from 8pm until 11ish working on my blog. It’s a labour of love and I wouldn’t change it. I just wish others wouldn’t be so judgemental x x


  6. Wow what a fabulous post and good for you for being honest and open about your feelings and how others have made you feel. Big boo to them!! People should never criticize what they don’t know about, and perhaps if they spent a little bit of time asking you about it they might, just might, understand a little better.
    I love my little blog and since I started blogging it’s like a whole new world has been opened up to me. I’ve yet to meet any other bloggers in person, but already feel I have made friends with them on-line and know that when we do meet it will be totally amazeballs.
    No-one should ever judge another – end of.
    Keep up your amazing work lovely lady.
    Sammy xxx

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  7. I have to admit to feeling threatened in the past when someone had a passion that I didn’t understand. Basically I didn’t want to accept that I didn’t have the guts to chase my own dreams. It’s pretty sad really x

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    • It’s not about it being sad, I think what’s more upsetting is when people turn it into something so negative that it alienates the person its aimed at. We’re all so different and have our own strengths and just need to accept and celebrate it rather than hate x

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  8. Ar I can totally empathise, I get a lot of stick ( especially from family members) who look down their nose at blogging. I try and remember it’s because they don’t really understand it blah blah blah but it does get to me.

    Blogging takes commitment, positivity, perseverance, by building a corner online you are showing skills. Hold your head up high! xxx

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  9. Sorry you had to experience that. I have some friends who think I should invest everything in my blog and others who think I’m just doing it because I’m bored, and my husband thinks I spend far too much time on it. But I love it. It keeps me sane. So ignore them and focus on what you love! x #ShareWithMe

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  10. I’m sorry you’ve been made to feel this way, KA. I completely relate to what you say about people not understanding how it felt when your son was born prematurely – sharing our thoughts, feelings and experiences helps people and that is the main thing. It’s easy to say ignore the haters but more difficult to do. You love what you do, we love what you do – try to remember that. Hugs xxx

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  11. I’m so sorry you have had to write this. People are always far too quick to judge. I previously hid the fact I blogged but now I am proud of it and all I’ve achieved. I love the friends I’ve made and love that I can use my blog anyway that suits. It’s so sad that others who don’t know feel the need to be nasty. Keep doing what you’re doing – we all love you xx

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  12. Gosh yes, I can so relate to this. I’ve learnt, over the last 3 years, that my true friends may not understand but accept me for what I do, even encouraging me to continue in it (especially as they see it makes me happy) and I don’t care about the rest. I’m certain they whisper behind my back but whatever! Try to do the same, although I know it’s tricky.

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