Cocktails, Lie ins and Double Espressos #LittleLoves

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I won’t lie this week has been fuelled by caffeine, whether tea, coffee or Frappuccino I may have drank excessively. Today is my work from home day and I am delighted. Walking Lil G to Kindergarten on a Friday has to be one of my favourite times of the week. Thank goodness for flexible working. And after such a busy weekend, and week in the office I am really looking forward to doing not much at all this weekend. Time spent with my boys. Happy days.

Here are this week’s little loves…


I’m still working my way through Dream a Little Dream. If truth be told I’m struggling to find the time to pick it up. Each spare moment I would rather be writing than reading.


A really yummy Apple, Elderflower and Mint Sparkle cocktail (click image for the recipe). It is meant to be a non alcoholic cocktail however rather than adding soda you could add Prosecco and make it a little bit more fun! Mr H has mastered the art of cooking steak and it was delicious.

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Lil G has been rocking his new big boy hair cut. I really am glad that we cut off his locks. It was a big step but I do love the new look. We went to a little christening on Sunday and I am loving this shirt and jacket combination. I found a new dress and was delighted when it arrived on Saturday morning. I do love a bit of denim.

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The final episode of Entourage. I may have cried at the last episode. We cannot wait to see the movie. We also kicked back in with Ray Donovan and Chicago Fire. I do love a good series.


Moving on, huge fail at this part this week.

And lastly…

I am feeling so disconnected from a few things at the minute. I am determined to make some changes this weekend. We are trialling a big boy swimming class tonight which is a huge step for us as from just a few week’s old we have swam with Water Babies. I won’t lie it will be nice not to have to run out of the door at 8.45am on a Sunday! Fingers crossed he likes the group. With only 4 children per class it really is a great setting! On another note I am really trying to grow my blog community on Facebook so if you aren’t following me then please do pop over. Finally, enjoy your weekend with your littles.

KA x



21 thoughts on “Cocktails, Lie ins and Double Espressos #LittleLoves

  1. I see from Instagram the swimming went went! Its always nice when they settle into new things with ease! Lil G looks so cute and his hairstyle really does suit him! Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely xx

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  2. Lil G looks adorable and I love your denim dress. Good luck with the new swimming class, it will be fab with only 4 in it (plus what a bonus not having to be up and out before 9 on a Sunday).
    Hope you have a slightly less hectic week next week. xxx

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  3. I don’t think I could ever get my boys to look that stylish – they were not cut out to be child models like Lil G!! I need that cocktail in my life too – with Prosecco – even better 🙂 Have a lovely weekend KA Xx #littleloves

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