Confessions of a shopaholic…

Ok. You got me. I like to treat myself. Who doesn’t? There’s no hiding that I love to shop. I try to hide it however Mr H is like some secret detective sniffing out each new purchase. Mission impossible. Like me he has a passion for fashion and knows when something is new. I’ve tried hiding the bags, the receipts and even hanging bits up and mixing them up with older items. And then I am quickly reminded that it is Mr H who manages the money! Eek. Do I remind you of someone…

shopaholic image

What if… I became a mystery shopper? Keeping my identity a closely guarded secret. Paid to shop. Rewarded for seeking out the good, bad and the ugly. Surely Mr H couldn’t be mad about that! Earning a little extra cash for well, doing what I LOVE, shopping!

I would love to be the customer next to you in a queue who looks innocent. But instead of a shopping list, I am carrying a notebook of handwritten notes about the appearance and cleanliness of a shop. Tapping at my wrist, monitoring the time spent in a queue. Maybe even with a teeny tiny camera lens peeking out from my handbag. There’s no trench coat in sight, no disguise but yes I am a mystery shopper.

FullSizeRender (309)

Dream job? Secret missions. Escapes to sunnier climates. Shopping until you drop. Making recommendations. It couldn’t be more perfect for this shopaholic.  Where do I sign up! Blogger by day, secret shopper by night. Sounds pretty good to me.

What would your dream job be?

* This post is written in collaboration with Amber Arch, who provide a wide range of Secret Shopper services.


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