And relax {The Ordinary Moments}

No matter how enjoyable busy weekends are I always find myself craving after a weekend or at least a day where time stands still. Where life as our little family is the focus of all my attention. No interruptions, no knock at the door with unexpected guests (dare I say unwanted) looking for a cup of tea and to disrupt the playroom. No birthday parties to attend, no deadlines to hit. Just us.

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The sun popped his hat on this weekend and off we went. On an adventure, just us. To have some fun in the sun. For those of you that read my blog or live local to us will know that on days like this, the place we escape to goes by the name of Trentham Gardens. As we live so close to it we also have annual passes. Of all the little things we invest in over the years this is by far in our top three. If you are looking for a gorgeous day for all the family in the summer holidays then believe me you will not be disappointed!

The beautiful Italian Gardens to walk through, a playground like no other for Lil G, gorgeous views across a dreamy lake for me and ice cream for Mr H. Time literally stands still when we visit, at least on long summer days it does.

As it’s the summer months, Trentham Gardens host weekly outdoor concerts on a Saturday night and as I lay on the grass watching my boys play football, play tag and generally have some rather gorgeous father and son time the band for the ’80’s night’ were doing a spot of sound checking. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. A little music playing in the background, the sunshine beating down on my neck, a picnic in full swing and of course my boys.

For Our Little Family these are The Ordinary Moments. Precious moments. Family time that cannot be replaced. Joy.

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And with most things we love, all good things come to an end. And when it is time to leave this is the only way we know how. Or at least the only way we know how without a rather strong-willed four year old bringing down the house! We scoop up our gorgeous boy for fear of camping out under the stars and believe me when I say it would be rather cold on an evening on that hill! We make our way back through the gorgeous gardens in a bid to distract him, because if he figures it out, that we are in fact making our exit he will in fact combust!

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Where do you escape to for quality family time? Our other favourite place to escape to is the beach and you can read about that here. For this little post I am joining in with Katie’s {The Ordinary Moments}…

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4 thoughts on “And relax {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Aaah KA these are my absolute favourite kind of days too. Life moves at such a fast pace and I genuinely do sometimes crave those sunny, unplanned days. They truly are my favourite. It looks like a lovely day out just the three of you. I think we are so similar in the way we feel about our little families, I do love reading your blog and your words. x

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