#OOTD : The Little Sparkly Kimono

Welcome to todays #OOTD post. Well actually it’s my favourite outfit from the weekend.

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Aaah summer. Oh how I long to be in your arms. Thankfully the sun popped his hat on this weekend which came just at the right time. I was sent this lovely Kimono and set the task of coming up with some outfit ideas as inspiration for you lovely lot. AKA my readers. Well, there is nothing quite like a sunny day to get those ideas flowing. I love nothing more than dressing for summer. It just feels easier, only one or two items needed to make an outfit. Continue reading


#OOTD : Chalk it up


Finally I plucked up the courage to add a little a lot of pink to my hair. Just for the weekend! A little flirty colour to mix things up a little before returning to little old me. That’s the magic of chalk, it washes right out! For me, my hair is just as much a part of my outfit as my clothes. Continue reading

Confessions of a shopaholic…

Ok. You got me. I like to treat myself. Who doesn’t? There’s no hiding that I love to shop. I try to hide it however Mr H is like some secret detective sniffing out each new purchase. Mission impossible. Like me he has a passion for fashion and knows when something is new. I’ve tried hiding the bags, the receipts and even hanging bits up and mixing them up with older items. And then I am quickly reminded that it is Mr H who manages the money! Eek. Do I remind you of someone…

shopaholic image

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Be known for what you love…

They say love is a pretty powerful drug. It draws you in. Leaving you suspended in time. With hopes and dreams that leave you reaching for the stars. For me that is this wonderful world of blogging. If only everyone understood and stopped judging me.

Be known for what you love

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Always the bad guy…

Bad Mother

It’s official I’m a bad mum.

Lil G and Mr H picked me up from the train station yesterday evening, our usual routine. What was different was the response I received from Lil G. Nothing. Nothing but silence. He was refusing to speak to me. Covering his face with a birthday present he had just picked up from one of his little friends. But what had I done? Continue reading

Street Style Sunday {The Denim Skirt}

Hello, for this week’s Street Style Sunday post I thought I would introduce my new love, the denim midi skirt. Now if there is one length of skirt that I have always lusted after it is the midi. We have been having an affair for some time now. My wardrobe is fit to burst. Add to that, a denim version and oh my goodness you had me at hello! A must combination for this season. No wardrobe can be without the denim skirt, whether you have the legs for a mini or like me hide them behind a midi, you must invest. A perfect wardrobe update.

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Keeping It Fresh {KA Loves}

Hello lovelies and welcome to this week’s KA Loves post. My last post was For The Love Of Shoes and featured my favourite shoes for Summer. Having just had our little holibobs to Pembrokeshire I thought I would share with you some of the hair & beauty products I can’t be without.

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OOTD : A Dreamy Maxi Dress

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I’ve always been a little unsure of maxi dresses. Often steering clear due to the fear of looking a little frumpy. It’s all in the cut apparently and until now I’ve never found one which made me feel anything less than a hefalump. And then I stumbled across this gorgeous number on Zara which if you haven’t heard is my new favourite online space! I have always shopped at Zara but never as much as I have in the last few weeks. I may even be a little bit addicted. Sssshhhh don’t tell Mr H! Continue reading

Street Style Sunday {Peace, Love & Tie-Dye}

Tie-dye. It makes me think of hippies, peace and love. It makes me think of the 60’s and 70’s. Psychedelic times. I love bright colours. I love florals. I was always destined to adopt the tie-dye phenomena. Tie-dye makes me happy.

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