And relax {The Ordinary Moments}

No matter how enjoyable busy weekends are I always find myself craving after a weekend or at least a day where time stands still. Where life as our little family is the focus of all my attention. No interruptions, no knock at the door with unexpected guests (dare I say unwanted) looking for a cup of tea and to disrupt the playroom. No birthday parties to attend, no deadlines to hit. Just us.

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The Magic of DisneyLand Paris {The Bits We LOVED}

When you pass through the turnstiles for the first time you can’t help but feel like a sprinkling of magic has fallen upon you. It’s as if Tinkerbell is waving her magic wand over you as you enter. For me it was everything and more than I dreamed of. For Mr H it was magical. For Lil G it was amazing. Such a wonderful place to be and the perfect way to celebrate our boys 4th birthday.

Me and George Castle 4

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Life’s A Beach…

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Oh we do like to be beside the sea.  Our Favourite Place. And so we had ourselves a little adventure. One day. Three beaches. Three stories to tell. Three sets of memories.

I’d like to live at the beach mummy were the words that filled the air as we made our way down the row of painted houses. Tenby really is beautiful. Such a lovely thought and right at the perfect moment. Everywhere just looked so beautiful. Mr H laughs at my obsession with painted houses. Who doesn’t love them? Who wouldn’t want to live in between a rainbow? One day kid, mummy and daddy would like that too.

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Daddy Deserves The Best

A Son’s First Hero Is His Dad.

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For those of you that read my blog or follow my Instagram feed you will know that I am what some would call a photo enthusiast. With Fathers Day fast approaching I was delighted when Snapfish offered me an opportunity to review some of their personalised photo gifts for Mr H. We do love Mr H and what better way to say thank you for being THE best daddy than some photo gifts of him being just that. Super Dad. Continue reading

Me and Mine : A Family Portrait Project – May 2015

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This month’s post is very much centred around enjoying our time together as a family. We managed to capture a memory for each week of this month this time which I am really happy about. For the last few week’s I’ve had to commit to commuting 5-days per week which has really been difficult. Not only because I have been tired but more so because I have missed my morning walks to Kindergarten with Lil G. I have really missed our time together. Thankfully from this week I have now started working from home 1-day and oh my I cannot tell you how happy it has made me. Despite the rain on Friday, it was one of the best morning walks we have had. Continue reading

Bedtime Stories {The Ordinary Moments}

Ever since Lil G was born Mr H has read to him at bedtime. It’s their thing. Something they have always done together. There is this connection between them which I know I’ll never be able to break. That’s ok. Their bond is beyond cute. The little things they do are the sweetest. They make me so proud.

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Bluestone Wales, National Park Resort : Review

Bluestone Wales. Let’s set the scene … stunning views, blue skies, the sound of birds tweeting and rabbits thumping, woods all around you, beautiful coloured houses. Idyllic. Do I need to say anymore?

As with all good stories, let’s start at the beginning…

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Toasting Marshmallows {The Ordinary Moments}

If you go down to the woods today you’ll be in for a great surprise.


Since becoming parents Mr H and I have had a little bucket list. A list of places we want to visit with Lil G, memories we want to create, opportunities we want to give him and parts of our childhood we want to relive through his beautiful eyes. Despite camping for years as a young girl I can never remember toasting marshmallows over an open fire. How fabulous that would have been. We popped it on the list! Continue reading

The Moment When…

You look at your child, who all of a sudden is growing up so quickly and thank The Lord that you are his mummy. That you were blessed with the responsibility of being his mummy. You look at him and your heart fills with joy, your eyes with tears and only a cuddle will keep your emotions at bay. The threenager tantrums have stopped (almost), our gentle, kind and easy-going boy has returned.   image Continue reading