A beautiful friendship

Just look at these two…

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They have the most beautiful of friendships. Even from the first day they met, our furry baby has watched over our gorgeous boy. I watch them each morning stand in our bedroom window, looking out at the people walking by and well just being together. Lil G always offers Alfie a huge kiss and cuddle as we leave the house. It is so sweet. We always hoped that this would be the case, but never imagined how beautiful it would be to watch their relationship grow. Continue reading


With a little help from a friend {The Ordinary Moments}

A few week’s ago we found out that our gorgeous boy had been awarded a place in our first choice Primary School. We were delighted. A little emotional. Aware that our gorgeous boy is growing up … and fast. From the moment we found out it literally feels like our feet haven’t touched the ground. Whether it be physical or emotional, the preparations have begun for all of us.

Two week’s ago we had our first parent’s evening where we were guided through what life will be like for Lil G and for us as parents to a pre-schooler. Eek. My boy, not a toddler, but a pre-schooler. And then today arrived. Our first ‘Summer Fete’ at Lil G’s new School. As part of the settling in process they invite you along to enjoy the less formal setting of the everyday School. To wander around in a setting which would be more inviting, as well as to spend a lot of money on a tombola and cake sales and bouncy castles! All in the name of fundraising and settling in to new routines!

And with a little help from a friend Lil G survived his first visit to his Big Boy School…


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Feeling Sorry For My Boy…

I came home this evening to a somber Lil G. To a little boy who looked troubled. Like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Hiding behind his Winnie Pooh teddy. Hiding behind what seemed like a mask of sadness. Occasionally looking at me for long enough for me to know that something wasn’t quite right.

As I was unable to get many words out of him, I reached out for him. Bless him. Bless his heart. He snuggled, curled up like my baby once did. And this is where he stayed for twenty minutes. Something isn’t right.

He refused to eat. He continued to snuggle. As he had spent the day at Kindergarten I was desperate to find out how his day had been. Apparently he hadn’t eaten all day but other than that there was nothing else reported. So what is it?

And then, out of the blue whilst having his bath he started to share with me what was troubling him. I won’t lie. Seeing him look so sad at the tender age of 3 years 10 months made me feel so sad. Perhaps because I’d had a long day myself I just wanted to cry. I didn’t. I still might.

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Sunshine, Friends & Ice Cream

Today was one of those, let’s soak up the good weather and have a quality family day together kind of day. When you wake to a blue sky, as we have for the last two days, it’s pretty fabulous. Don’t you think? It was a happy Sunday. A happy weekend. A sunny, blue skies kind of Sunday. As Lil G pretty much spent yesterday with me, we were both looking forward to seeing Mr H. What better way to spend a Sunday than at one of Lil G’s favourite hangouts. Wheelock Farm in Sandbach, Cheshire. If you are local and haven’t been, you must! A day of fun for just £3.50. And who better to share it with than his best buddy, Freddy.

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Eat, Drink, Nap

This weekend Mr H and I spent a whole day and evening just us. A whole Saturday. Such a rare event. Usually we go out separately, or I generally come home as our babysitter (my mother-in-law) doesn’t like to stay later than 11 pm. These days together really are so special and have become one of {The Ordinary Moments} for us. Before Lil G arrived this would be something we did every week. The last time we did a ‘Day Date’ was our 2nd wedding anniversary, that was 2 years ago! Wow, we really need to work on that.

Having the time to switch off from being mummy and daddy was just lovely and so important. To reconnect as husband and wife, talk about life, the week gone by, the two amazing holidays we have to look forward to this year and of course to spend some time with our friends. No distractions. Just us. Here we are in Australasia…

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Wicked Wednesday {7th January}

Little cuties. Cheeky monkeys. No more pictures. Lil G (to the left) and his best buddy on our New Years Day walk …





Big kisses

A little note from me to you but first of all, big kisses…


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My Last Commute of 2014

I thought it would be quite fitting to update my ‘commuter diaries’ for one last time. Today you see, is in fact my last commute to the office of 2014. Oh yes folks, I am officially on my Christmas Holibobs. Wahoo.


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Living Arrows {Friendship}


In perfect timing for this week’s #LivingArrows I managed to capture these two little monkeys on the walk to Kindergarten this morning.

They are best friends. They met when they both joined the nursery as babies. Two and a bit years later and they are still best buddies. This morning we bumped into each other as we made our way to Kindergarten. Just look how happy they are. It was the cutest moment EVER to see them run up to each other, wrap their arms around each other for the biggest cuddle and then proceed to be inseparable as they made their way in. It is safe to say that Monday’s are Lil G’s favourite day at Kindergarten, because his best buddy is there!

living arrows

Review: Idyllic Hereford: Sykes Cottages

Looking for a little getaway? A traditional cottage surrounded by stunning views and never-ending countryside? Then look no further than Sykes Cottages.

We stumbled across Sykes Holiday Cottages To Rent when looking for a mini break to celebrate a friends 30th birthday. We had a long wish list and with 12 adults and 1 baby to accommodate we were a little worried that we would be left feeling a little disappointed! We needn’t of worried. With a user-friendly website, so much choice and an array of cottages available, we knew we were looking in the right place. In just 3 phone calls our needs were matched, our incredibly long list had been ticked off and hey presto we were all booked up. Fabulous.

For those who like me, love to make a list, this was ours: within a 2-hour drive, peaceful, stunning location, country pub lunch, log fires, fresh air, open space, a baby cot, comfy beds, enough bathrooms, a huge dining table and of course free wifi for the social media addicts (that would be me!).

We were recommended  Stocks Barn. As we made our way up the drive you couldn’t help but smile, I think you’ll agree that it is simply stunning…

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