VAX Air Cordless Review

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What with a dog that loses hair simply by breathing, a four-year old that leaves crumbs, food and dirt with each footstep and of course two adults in the house we often find ourselves hovering twice a day. I say we, what I actually meant to say is that Mr H hoovers twice a day! When I was offered the opportunity to review and keep a VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Mr H jumped for glee. You see he’s a clean freak, so to him this was the one! The review for him to get excited about. Oh to be as passionate about cleaning as he is! Continue reading


A spot of gardening with Compost Direct

I think it’s time. These long summers nights have got me thinking. I’m also a little jealous of all the silky photo’s on Instagram of people enjoying their evenings in their gardens. Finally our thoughts turn to the garden. After recently completing our bedroom makeover it is time. Time for a little makeover. A little love. But where do we start?

Ever since Lil G had his sports day back in June he has been asking to play out in our garden come rain or shine. Apparently practise makes perfect. He’s right there. He didn’t win all of his races you see and with his mummy’s competitive streak running through him he hasn’t quite settled for 3rd place. Whether he’s practising the egg n spoon race or throwing the bean bag our little boy is desperate to improve. Bless his heart. At the minute we say no more often than yes when he asks to go outside.

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For The Love Of Bedspreads, Bedding & Accessories {KA Loves}

Welcome to this week’s KA Loves post.

Last week I shared with you my favourite children’s wear and accessories brands. This week I thought I’d bring it home! As we love home decor and recently revamped our bedroom I thought I’d share with you our favourite homeware brands from our bedroom makeover.

Those of you that read my little blog or follow my Instagram page will know that we recently decorated our bedroom. After 7-years of renovating our house, and therefore 7-years of planning our my dream bedroom (it’s all in the planning), finally we made it happen! Our bedroom was transformed from a dark and gloomy space, to a light, pretty and rather dreamy haven. One which I now want to sit and read in not just crawl in to! As two full-time working parents to a soon to be 4-year old life is pretty hectic. Morning snuggles and bedtime stories have become just that little bit more enjoyable since decorating our bedroom. It’s now a welcoming space.


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A Disney Makeover

The boy is Disney crazy.

I have been planning a little Disney unveiling which I’m rather excited about. And with only 90-days before our little trip, Mr H and I are getting rather excited. BIG kids at heart. Oh yes we are. We cannot wait to tell him. We recently took Lil G to get his passport photos which was when we let it slip that he will be having a little ride on an aeroplane this year. He was so excited. For now that is enough. Even without knowing about the trip he is already asking ‘are we going on a plane yet?’

In 3-months time our gorgeous boy turns the grand old age of 4-years old. Eek. As a surprise for his big boy birthday we have planned a little trip to Disney Land Paris in celebration. I can see his little face now. When he first see’s Mickey, Pluto and Donald. When Buzz and Woody walk on by. Oh my goodness, I really do hope that we get to meet the characters. From an early age he has adored many Disney characters. His bedroom is laden with Disney teddy’s and his playroom is filled with his favourite Disney toys. So many characters. He is Disney crazy.

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Our Floral & Shabby Chic Bedroom Makeover…

Mr H and I are both obsessed with home decor. The only thing that we struggle with is the empty and penniless pockets you are inevitably left with. It is a good job that we like to renovate things really as our little house in Staffordshire which we bought 7-years ago was just that, a renovation project. We literally had to strip it back and start over. Each room. It was a mammoth project but as it was just the two of us we didn’t really see it as being a problem. Continue reading

Florals, Stripes and Polkadots

A little bedroom update for you…

The walls are gleaming in blossom pink. The light fitting is beautifully hanging in place. The fireplace is proudly taking centre stage. The floor has been dressed with luscious carpet. It literally feels like a cushion to walk on. Finally I can see my dream bedroom coming together. Finally the decorating is coming to an end. You can read all about our plans here my dream bedroom and looking at paint and wallpaper.


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My Dream Bedroom…

7 years ago we moved into our home, better known as Sydney. It was most definitely going to be a labour of love. A work in progress as we began stripping it back to its bare bones and bringing it back to life.

Renovation : the action of renovating a building. Modernisation, restoration, redecoration, refurbishment, revamping, makeover, overhauling, repair, updating

All of the above is what we took on when we exchanged contracts. All very exciting. We have a gorgeous property but one which requires some love and attention. A certain type of look and finish due to its age and our love for all things shabby chic. Victorian. Vintage. Or in other terms, expensive! We have ourselves an old property with high ceilings, big rooms, original wooden flooring, a winding staircase and a gorgeous Minton tile floor which lines the long hallway. Continue reading

Glorious Nothing Days

Oh how I miss you glorious nothing days. Dilly dally days. Sit at home days. Pyjama days.

Yesterday I took a day’s holiday from work. It was the best thing I have done. A little time just for me. I was lucky enough to have taken a full two weeks break at Christmas, but my goodness I am still adapting to being back at work. It has been 4 weeks but honestly, it feels so much longer. Don’t get me wrong January hasn’t been a miserable month, as a family and personally we have had a great start to the year. We have two holidays to look forward to, one of which has been gifted to us via my blog and the second is a surprise trip to DisneyLand Paris to celebrate Lil G’s 4th birthday. An amazing start really. I know so many of you struggle with the month of January but for me it’s just been the battle with routine.

So my day off went a little bit like this…

We awoke to a beautiful blanket of snow and quickly decided we would head out with the sledge for a bit of fun before dropping Lil G off at Kindergarten. As I waved goodbye and made my way back across the deadly silent but beautiful field I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. You know the one, parent guilt. I was dropping Lil G off at Kindergarten to enjoy a day to myself. Surely that’s not right? Well actually, I was almost ok with it but still I could feel the guilt creeping in.

Lil G had a fun day ahead of him and I had promised to pick him up early. Surely a win win. And on top of that we still have to pay for his days even if he isn’t in so it’s a huge waste of money, £43 actually!

From the warm burrow of my sofa, snuggled under my blanket I enjoyed some all about me time. I blogged, I caught up on some of my reading, I answered some bloggy emails and drank copious amounts of tea.

Just to clarify, my tea was hot, I drank my tea hot! Something which is so rare these days, I’ve actually come akin to the taste of cold tea! Before Lil G arrived I never like Iced Tea, I’ve grown to love it over the years!

The day was quickly passing me by and so I had two more must haves on my list before collecting Lil G. I wanted to paint my nails and to read a magazine. Tick Tick. I went for a little punch of colour, I can dream of spring can’t I?! And I managed to grab some time just me and a magazine! Woohoo.

You can always rely upon a day just to yourself to leave you feeling a little refreshed. Painting nails, writing a few words, reading a few, looking at some pictures and lets not forget snuggled under a blanket drinking hot tea! Heaven. And then I collected my boy! Woohoo.

A few photos for you…











I made a promise to myself at the end of last year that I would make more time just for me, yesterday was just that. Glorious nothing days. Only a few hours but nonetheless it was all about me.

How do you relax?

KA x



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A Warm Winter Home

That’s the dream. A warm winter home. We live in a beautiful Victorian Town House with traditional sash windows. It has been a renovation project which has been a labour of love for some 7-years. Our renovations were put on hold when Lil G arrived in 2011 therefore I have high hopes for reigniting our love for our home in 2015!

We have two rather big jobs… A bathroom and our windows. We currently have windows which are single glazed, so on these cold winters nights with our window’s letting out the heat and letting in the rain it is our Christmas wish to find a way of insulating our home! Layers is the answer. Continue reading