Cocktails, Lie ins and Double Espressos #LittleLoves

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I won’t lie this week has been fuelled by caffeine, whether tea, coffee or Frappuccino I may have drank excessively. Today is my work from home day and I am delighted. Walking Lil G to Kindergarten on a Friday has to be one of my favourite times of the week. Thank goodness for flexible working. And after such a busy weekend, and week in the office I am really looking forward to doing not much at all this weekend. Time spent with my boys. Happy days.

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New nails, Pink Hair & Making Time #LittleLoves

Yay for Little Loves. I really have had to dig deep this week to find the little things that I have loved. Yay for finding time to read a book and yay for finding my new favourite nail colour. I’ve been a fan of a red and pink nail colour for so long that it was a nice surprise to find a new colour and it came free with this months Red magazine. With 4 colours to choose from I’m so tempted to pick up another! Ssshhh don’t tell Mr H.

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Birthdays, DisneyLand & Back to Reality #Little Loves

It has been a week of celebration for our little family. Finally the day arrived, when we could tell our gorgeous boy that we were whisking him off to DisneyLand to celebrate his 4th birthday. Excitement beyond belief. And the outburst on the airplane when the reality hit was the sweetest! By the end of the flight I think everyone within a few rows was aware that it was his birthday! How cute are these cupcakes…


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School Days, Exercise & Big Boy Hair #LittleLoves

Welcome to this week’s Little Loves post.

This week has been long and hard. I am glad it’s over. A huge sense of achievement but my goodness am I tired. I knew that my new job would be challenging but four 17 hour days have left me feeling beyond tired. I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to have a career which is so rewarding and allows me some flexibility to be there on Lil G’s first settle in session at his new school. That doesn’t stop the parenting guilt kicking in when we are dragging ourselves out of the house at 7.25am four days of the week. I am glad to see the weekend. I am going to enjoy my cup of tea in the morning…

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Glorious Sunny Days, Sports Day & Special Moments #LittleLoves

Welcome to this week’s Little Loves post.

Yesterday was Lil G’s sports day. It was such a beautiful sunny day. The morning walk to Kindergarten was so beautiful. A clear blue sky, jumping on shadows & sharing the sweetest conversation with my gorgeous boy. We were so proud of him at his sports day! It was his last one at the Kindergarten, next year he’ll be at big boy school! Eek.

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Dungarees, Long Days & BIG Preparations #LittleLoves

It’s been a long week here at Our Little Family HQ. It started with a poorly boy. Thankfully Nanny was on hand to give him cuddles whereas it was a full day of work and copious amounts of coffee & double espresso for me! I also had a really long day at the office on Wednesday so believe me when I say, I’m so glad that today is my work from home day.

We also had our first open night at Lil G’s Primary School last night. Oh my goodness, is this really happening? Let the BIG boy school preparations begin.

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Routine, Healthy Eating & Work Life Balance #LittleLoves

Welcome to this weeks #LittleLoves post. A nice short working week for me after spending 10 dreamy days with my boys. Today is rather special. For the first time in 6 weeks I get my working from home day back, which means I get to walk Lil G to Kindergarten. We are both so excited. For the last 18 months its been our routine and it’s been a long few weeks without it I tell you. I’ve really missed it.

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Sunglasses, Sun Hats and Sand #LittleLoves

Welcome to this week’s Little Loves post.

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*Warning* … This week I may struggle not to share every little detail from our holibobs. It really has been a week of Little Loves for our little family. Lot’s a quality time, filled with love and laughter. Lots of sun, sea air and sand castles. Continue reading

Fist Bumps, Plans & Laughter #LittleLoves

Welcome to this week’s Little Loves post.

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As you read this little post I will be settling into my last day of work, possibly eating a full fat breakfast before enjoying a little break to Pembrokeshire with my boys. No alarm, no pre-6am wake-ups. No rushing about. Quality time with my boys. And here are the little things I have loved… Continue reading