My Sunday Photo {A beautiful walkway}

Welcome to this week’s My Sunday Photo post.

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I love stumbling across a peaceful spot. We visited Trentham Gardens yesterday and it was so lovely to see the Italian Gardens in full bloom. As we made our way out we found ourselves wandering down this rather beautiful walkway. What made it even more beautiful was that it was lined with flowers. Such vibrant colours which left me feeling rather dreamy. Mr H still doesn’t quite understand why I love them so but they do make me smile.

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Strawberry Picking {Living Arrows}

Welcome to this week’s Living Arrows.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. I’m sure I said this in my last post but I do love that sentence, and so true. We have such a huge responsibility to set them off on the right path don’t we?

This time last week we were enjoying our last day on the park at Disneyland Paris and if truth be told I was a little worried that this weekend would be a disappointment. That it wouldn’t live up to the wonderful time we had just a few days before. And then we decided to go strawberry picking at a local farm and what fun we had. Our first time too.


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Monthly Monday Melfie {July}

 Welcome to this month’s #MonthlyMondayMelfie post.

 Such a gorgeous month. Lots of sunshine and blue skies on our Kindergarten walks. There is nothing quite like the difference a sunshine filled walk makes to the start of your day. And then there are my Mummy and George days, with a little hair colour change to mix things up a little. My boy was a huge fan, he said I looked like a superhero! I’ll take that. Let’s not forget our little trip to Disneyland Paris to celebrate our gorgeous boys 4th birthday. And some of my favourite melfie’s yet. I love our Mickey & Minnie ears photo. This was the ‘it’s my birthday’ shot!

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Me and Mine : A Family Photo Project : June

 Welcome to this month’s Me and Mine post.

This project makes me smile so much. Mr H is slowly coming around to the monthly photo’s, planning and re shoots! He no longer grumbles when I pop the Gorilla Tripod in my bag each weekend! He even reminded me when we left for DisneyLand on Thursday. Lil G is definitely a bloggers child, always asking… does this look good? and what about here mummy, I like this spot.  He does make me chuckle.

This month’s post has to be all about the magic of Disneyland. I won’t lie when I say that the final shot below took some attempts. I was determined to get it. I had the perfect picture I mind and no matter how many attempts it just wasn’t happening … no passers by (so difficult), all looking at the camera (really), no one looking awkward and of course the full castle. Phew we finally got it.

And here is this months captures…


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Monthly Monday Melfie {June}

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This month we have gone a little melfie crazy. I love that my gorgeous boy allows me to indulge in a little a lot of selfie madness. It’s funny, Mr H can’t quite manage to get Lil G to sit with him for one whereas I seem to have managed quite a few this month. I won’t lie I absolutely love capturing us having a little moment.

Often it’s when we’re doing something silly, having a mummy and son moment or just when Lil G asks me. Oh yes he is very much aware of the term selfie. There’s worse things for him to know at 3-years old isn’t there? He he.

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Me and Mine : A Family Portrait Project – May 2015

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This month’s post is very much centred around enjoying our time together as a family. We managed to capture a memory for each week of this month this time which I am really happy about. For the last few week’s I’ve had to commit to commuting 5-days per week which has really been difficult. Not only because I have been tired but more so because I have missed my morning walks to Kindergarten with Lil G. I have really missed our time together. Thankfully from this week I have now started working from home 1-day and oh my I cannot tell you how happy it has made me. Despite the rain on Friday, it was one of the best morning walks we have had. Continue reading

Living Arrows {Beach Fun}

One boy, his bucket, a sun hat and a football. Happy days.

A little trip to the seaside to blow away the cobwebs.

We love you Tenby.

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Living Arrows {Bouncy Pillow}

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For this week’s #LivingArrows post I wanted to share with you a photo from our little adventure to Amerton Farm on Sunday. We love the outdoor area here. Mr H and Lil G love bouncing on this pillow. I’m not sure who’s the bigger kid if truth be told! And if you’re lucky you may just get it all to yourself for a few moments in the quieter months.

I just love Lil G’s enthusiasm and excitement at bouncing away. The only downside is that our garden isn’t quite big enough and sadly we had to say goodbye which as I am sure you can imagine ended in a rather nasty tantrum followed by a lot of tears!


My Sunday Photo {Tulips}

Welcome to this week’s #MySundayPhoto post.

Last Sunday we took ourselves off to Trentham Gardens however we took a different route. I’d heard that there was a beautiful display of tulips hiding away and I took my boys in search of them. The made the perfect backdrop for a few family shots and of Lil G of course.

For now I leave you with this one…


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Wicked Wednesday {Jekyll & Hyde}

Oh my goodness. Talk about Jekyll & Hyde. That would be this week’s #WickedWednesday post. First of all I’m made to stand in a queue of babies, toddlers and older who all want their face painting. Rather than basking in the sunshine I’m hidden under some hideous tent in the name of Michelangelo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!


Mr H disappeared to get coffee. I was left in a queue of moaning, impatient children who let’s face it do not quite understand the etiquette behind forming an orderly queue.

The sun shone for one day this weekend. One day, and There I was wasting precious Vitamin D moments waiting for Lil G to have his face painted for him to wipe it off within minutes as he no longer likes it. I’m a bad mum. The things we do. For those few minutes of happiness.

To explain just how wicked, how Jekyll & Hyde Lil G was just look at this and all within 90 seconds…

Happy (he’s so beautiful)



Angry (oooohhhh I oughta)



Mr I’m not talking (urgh)



Mischievous (I’m going to put my head under your skirt and each time you ask me to stop I’m going to spin around which makes it worse! Worse because, this is a skirt which has a slit right up both sides, right to my thigh, oh yes, thank goodness for mini underskirts!)




Kids ey!!

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