VAX Air Cordless Review

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What with a dog that loses hair simply by breathing, a four-year old that leaves crumbs, food and dirt with each footstep and of course two adults in the house we often find ourselves hovering twice a day. I say we, what I actually meant to say is that Mr H hoovers twice a day! When I was offered the opportunity to review and keep a VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Mr H jumped for glee. You see he’s a clean freak, so to him this was the one! The review for him to get excited about. Oh to be as passionate about cleaning as he is! Continue reading


#OOTD : The Little Sparkly Kimono

Welcome to todays #OOTD post. Well actually it’s my favourite outfit from the weekend.

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Aaah summer. Oh how I long to be in your arms. Thankfully the sun popped his hat on this weekend which came just at the right time. I was sent this lovely Kimono and set the task of coming up with some outfit ideas as inspiration for you lovely lot. AKA my readers. Well, there is nothing quite like a sunny day to get those ideas flowing. I love nothing more than dressing for summer. It just feels easier, only one or two items needed to make an outfit. Continue reading

OOTD : The Shirt Dress

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A perfect combination. For years now I have loved a classic shirt and a boyfriend style dress. So, when I stumbled over this pretty little combination of the two on Apricot Online I couldn’t have been happier. I’m a huge fan of the colour Khaki although this dress does come in a Pale Blue which is rather cute. Continue reading

A hop, skip & a jump with More Vitamin Drinks

A couple of weeks ago the very generous team over at More Drinks supported Lil G’s last Sports Day at his Kindergarten with their range of ‘A Little More’ drinks. And after all that hop, skipping and jumping they were certainly in need of refreshments. A little hydration with a twist. A hint of flavour, each one resembling a different vitamin, they really are quite tasty. Rather clever if you ask me. If your little one is anything like our fussy soon to be 4-year-old, whose diet isn’t always the best then adding vitamins by means of a drink sounds perfect to me. A parenting win. Sometimes you need to get more of the good stuff inside your little ones and that’s where A Little More comes in…

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Surfs Up with SplashAbout

On our recent holibobs to the gorgeous Bluestone Wales which you can read about here, we were delighted to test out the Short John Floatsuit from Splash About. It was the perfect place as they had a superb Waterpark , the Blue Lagoon. Lil G has been swimming with Water Babies from just a few months old and although he is now swimming independently we weren’t quite ready for him to be let free without some sort of aid in a Waterpark.

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Twit Twoo : Review : GetGo Ugo Owl Play Tent

A few week’s ago we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Pembrokeshire where the sun shone and the sky was free from clouds. Just before we packed up the car, and let’s not forget the kitchen sink as that’s the reality when travelling with a child, this gorgeous little tent arrived for Lil G to review. The new Űgo range which you can buy from Argos, is a playtime essential this summer holiday. Lil G really did have so much fun with it. I love how his imagination explodes when the right toys are presented. He actually wanted to sleep in it one night. Apparently the rabbits and squirrels needed somewhere to sleep! Oh to have the imagination of a child!

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Daddy Deserves The Best

A Son’s First Hero Is His Dad.

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For those of you that read my blog or follow my Instagram feed you will know that I am what some would call a photo enthusiast. With Fathers Day fast approaching I was delighted when Snapfish offered me an opportunity to review some of their personalised photo gifts for Mr H. We do love Mr H and what better way to say thank you for being THE best daddy than some photo gifts of him being just that. Super Dad. Continue reading

Bluestone Wales, National Park Resort : Review

Bluestone Wales. Let’s set the scene … stunning views, blue skies, the sound of birds tweeting and rabbits thumping, woods all around you, beautiful coloured houses. Idyllic. Do I need to say anymore?

As with all good stories, let’s start at the beginning…

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Toasting Marshmallows {The Ordinary Moments}

If you go down to the woods today you’ll be in for a great surprise.


Since becoming parents Mr H and I have had a little bucket list. A list of places we want to visit with Lil G, memories we want to create, opportunities we want to give him and parts of our childhood we want to relive through his beautiful eyes. Despite camping for years as a young girl I can never remember toasting marshmallows over an open fire. How fabulous that would have been. We popped it on the list! Continue reading

Library Book Tray : Review : Great Little Trading Co

If you are looking for some book storage for a playroom or a bedroom then this is the review for you…


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