New nails, Pink Hair & Making Time #LittleLoves

Yay for Little Loves. I really have had to dig deep this week to find the little things that I have loved. Yay for finding time to read a book and yay for finding my new favourite nail colour. I’ve been a fan of a red and pink nail colour for so long that it was a nice surprise to find a new colour and it came free with this months Red magazine. With 4 colours to choose from I’m so tempted to pick up another! Ssshhh don’t tell Mr H.

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A spot of gardening with Compost Direct

I think it’s time. These long summers nights have got me thinking. I’m also a little jealous of all the silky photo’s on Instagram of people enjoying their evenings in their gardens. Finally our thoughts turn to the garden. After recently completing our bedroom makeover it is time. Time for a little makeover. A little love. But where do we start?

Ever since Lil G had his sports day back in June he has been asking to play out in our garden come rain or shine. Apparently practise makes perfect. He’s right there. He didn’t win all of his races you see and with his mummy’s competitive streak running through him he hasn’t quite settled for 3rd place. Whether he’s practising the egg n spoon race or throwing the bean bag our little boy is desperate to improve. Bless his heart. At the minute we say no more often than yes when he asks to go outside.

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Strawberry Picking {Living Arrows}

Welcome to this week’s Living Arrows.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. I’m sure I said this in my last post but I do love that sentence, and so true. We have such a huge responsibility to set them off on the right path don’t we?

This time last week we were enjoying our last day on the park at Disneyland Paris and if truth be told I was a little worried that this weekend would be a disappointment. That it wouldn’t live up to the wonderful time we had just a few days before. And then we decided to go strawberry picking at a local farm and what fun we had. Our first time too.


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For this post I am joining in with Hayley’s #LivingArrows project on over her blog…



Monthly Monday Melfie {July}

 Welcome to this month’s #MonthlyMondayMelfie post.

 Such a gorgeous month. Lots of sunshine and blue skies on our Kindergarten walks. There is nothing quite like the difference a sunshine filled walk makes to the start of your day. And then there are my Mummy and George days, with a little hair colour change to mix things up a little. My boy was a huge fan, he said I looked like a superhero! I’ll take that. Let’s not forget our little trip to Disneyland Paris to celebrate our gorgeous boys 4th birthday. And some of my favourite melfie’s yet. I love our Mickey & Minnie ears photo. This was the ‘it’s my birthday’ shot!

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A taste of British summer time {The Ordinary Moments}

As the sun shone so brightly and with the threat of the weather turning we took the opportunity to take ourselves on a little adventure. To Woore Fruit Farm in Cheshire. We had been recommended this little farm by one of Lil G’s nursery teachers as there are fruit trees at a height more suitable for little people. How cute is that? Lil G had been excited all day and secretly we were too. For Mr H and I this was our first time picking strawberries. Can you believe that? And so we had a little adventure as Our Little Family.

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Our first flight as Our Little Family…

These last few week’s have been filled with so much excitement, planning, more planning and a lot of list making! And why? Let me tell you. We have just returned from taking our gorgeous boy to Disneyland Paris for his 4th birthday. Not only that but also taking a ride on a rather large airplane for the first time since becoming Our Little Family. Eek.

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The Magic of DisneyLand Paris {The Bits We LOVED}

When you pass through the turnstiles for the first time you can’t help but feel like a sprinkling of magic has fallen upon you. It’s as if Tinkerbell is waving her magic wand over you as you enter. For me it was everything and more than I dreamed of. For Mr H it was magical. For Lil G it was amazing. Such a wonderful place to be and the perfect way to celebrate our boys 4th birthday.

Me and George Castle 4

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Birthdays, DisneyLand & Back to Reality #Little Loves

It has been a week of celebration for our little family. Finally the day arrived, when we could tell our gorgeous boy that we were whisking him off to DisneyLand to celebrate his 4th birthday. Excitement beyond belief. And the outburst on the airplane when the reality hit was the sweetest! By the end of the flight I think everyone within a few rows was aware that it was his birthday! How cute are these cupcakes…


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Me and Mine : A Family Photo Project : June

 Welcome to this month’s Me and Mine post.

This project makes me smile so much. Mr H is slowly coming around to the monthly photo’s, planning and re shoots! He no longer grumbles when I pop the Gorilla Tripod in my bag each weekend! He even reminded me when we left for DisneyLand on Thursday. Lil G is definitely a bloggers child, always asking… does this look good? and what about here mummy, I like this spot.  He does make me chuckle.

This month’s post has to be all about the magic of Disneyland. I won’t lie when I say that the final shot below took some attempts. I was determined to get it. I had the perfect picture I mind and no matter how many attempts it just wasn’t happening … no passers by (so difficult), all looking at the camera (really), no one looking awkward and of course the full castle. Phew we finally got it.

And here is this months captures…


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Guess How Much We Love You…


Today, George Archie Hargreaves or Lil G as I refer to you as or Georgeous as Daddy calls you, you turn 4-years old. Wow. Really? You tell me that when you’re 4 it will mean that you are a big boy. That you’re as big as Hulk. That you are going to School. That you will be able to earn pocket money.  Continue reading