A beautiful friendship

Just look at these two…

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They have the most beautiful of friendships. Even from the first day they met, our furry baby has watched over our gorgeous boy. I watch them each morning stand in our bedroom window, looking out at the people walking by and well just being together. Lil G always offers Alfie a huge kiss and cuddle as we leave the house. It is so sweet. We always hoped that this would be the case, but never imagined how beautiful it would be to watch their relationship grow. Continue reading


I need a cuddle

Or as Lil G calls it, a mummy cuddle. My heart melts each time he asks, after all he will only ever say these words to me. As a family we decided some three years ago that we wouldn’t have a second child, therefore it makes me very happy that Lil G loves cuddles just as much as me, if not more. It’s our safe place. Where we can slip away into cuddle heaven just for a few seconds or if I’m lucky a few minutes.

June 2014

June 2014


I feel very lucky to have a little boy who regularly asks me for a cuddle and a kiss. Whether it be because he needs comforting, has hurt himself, is tired, or just wants to snuggle in. They are all just so lovely. More recently Lil G’s cuddles have been rather epic. He’s taken them to a whole new level. One which I am very much enjoying. As our gorgeous boy is growing he has found himself a new way of having a ‘mummy cuddle’. He has taken to sitting across me, which allows for a really really big squeeze. I like this, I like this a lot.

I often hear mummy’s saying that their little ones do not care much for a cuddle. If I’m honest, I’m not sure I would cope. I’m a cuddler *creates new word*.  A kiss and cuddle sets me up for my day. They help me to recover from a tough day, from a long day. They pull me back to the safe place that is Our Little Family. I love nothing more than to hear Lil G say ‘I need a cuddle’. It really does make me smile. Go all gooey inside. Not only do I feel loved but it fills me with joy to know he does too.

So, I thought I would be clever and Google images for the definition of a cuddle, you know like the ones you always see on Instagram. OMG, seriously you should take a look at the images that pop up when you Google ‘definition of a cuddle’. I was expecting to see a few nice words to describe what I feel. Nope. Not at all. Not in the slightest. This is all wrong.

Back to the cuddles.

One lazy Sunday afternoon (that would be yesterday) whilst enjoying a snuggle with Lil G, I felt a nudge. I looked down, and this is what I found …


6th July

6th July

It would appear that our furry baby, or Alfie Bear as we call him was feeling left out. Bring on the Bear Cuddles. As I work from home two days of the week, he often stays very close to me on those days, keeping my feet warm, sitting with me as I work away on the laptop. Probably waiting in hope of leftovers, he does love a cuppa! For more on our furry baby you could read my post Bear Cuddles.

It is these ordinary moments which I will miss. When my boy has grown up, left the family home to make a safe zone of his own.

Signing off as mummy hargreaves, feeling very loved.

KA x


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Bear cuddles

I’ve introduced you to our gorgeous boy or Lil G as we call him. Now let me tell you about our furry baby. We call him Alfie Bear and he’s 42 years old, well in dog years anyway. The ‘Bear’ part comes from the most amazing cuddles he gives. Have you guessed yet? Yes, he’s our doggy, our 6-year-old doggy, other than looking a bit like a Labrador we don’t quite know what he is made up of. We love him all the same, I quite like the mystery actually. For those of you who are dog lovers, I’m sure you will understand when I say that Alfie is our first child. He was the start of our family. Let me take you back…

Mr H proposed in December 2008 and although marriage doesn’t always change a relationship we knew ourselves that this signified the start of something more than just us. It was Saturday, January 17th 2009 when we collected him from one of our local animal rescue centres. We’d visited over the Christmas and New Year period to take food and blankets up for the doggies and noticed him. It was love at first sight. We could see that he hadn’t eaten for a while and if I’m honest we just felt an instant connection with him. We had looked at several dogs over a few visits. Alfie was the one. We had to wait 7 days for our application to go through the proper channels before the big day came.

As we drove to the dogs home, I remember thinking, would he settle with us, would he like us, how badly had he been treated? We knew little about him as he had been found wandering the streets. What we did know was that he cowered when approached so we presumed he had been mis-treated, he ate his food so fast as if there wouldn’t be another meal coming, and he was so so thin. It was clear he needed lots of cuddles, love, attention and food!

Rescuing a dog was new to me, my family had always chosen pedigree dogs from puppies where as Mr H’s family had rescued before. We made a donation to the dogs home and continued to take up food and blankets for a short while. Our adventure as dog owners or as we say parents began. Have you rescued a dog?

It is safe to say that Alf settled in really well. Happily Ever After.

Fast forward to 2 years later, we were pregnant. How exciting. Alf had such a beautiful, gentle temperament so it came as a surprise when many of our friends asked the question ‘What will you do about Alfie?’. What would we do about Alfie? I remember looking at Mr H thinking how/what do I say. Did people think we would give him away because we were pregnant, Alf was and is a part of our family, he will always be our first child.

I remember Lil G’s first day at home, Alf was quite confused by the little cry which came from the moses basket. He often sat by it, standing guard occasionally peering over. As Lil G grew, Alf would often alert me if he started to stir or cry. It was very cute. It is safe to say that they have a beautiful friendship, they play together, the know each others routines. Lil G loves to feed Alf and take him for big walks. More recently they have started to play ball together. Although I can see the relief on Alf’s face when 7.30pm comes, aka bedtime for Lil G. We often find Alf sitting next to Lil G’s bed waiting for his kiss goodnight.

We include Alf in all our celebrations, birthdays, Christmas and holidays. We consider him in all our plans, so much so that for the 3 days I work from Manchester he spends the day time with Nanny & Grandad, a bit like Lil G with his nursery! Thankfully we don’t have to pay them!

Do you have pets? If you do, how have you settled as a family?

And here he is, Alfie Bear…


This is where he remained for the first few hours of Lil G being home

This is where he remained for the first few hours of Lil G being home

Each time Lil G cried, Alf looked in on him

Each time Lil G cried, Alf looked in on him

That's our boy

That’s our boy

Lil G checking Alf's heart beat

Lil G checking Alf’s heart beat



Waiting for his goodnight kiss

Waiting for his goodnight kiss

And relax, Lil G is now in bed

And relax, Lil G is now in bed

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