A beautiful friendship

Just look at these two…

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They have the most beautiful of friendships. Even from the first day they met, our furry baby has watched over our gorgeous boy. I watch them each morning stand in our bedroom window, looking out at the people walking by and well just being together. Lil G always offers Alfie a huge kiss and cuddle as we leave the house. It is so sweet. We always hoped that this would be the case, but never imagined how beautiful it would be to watch their relationship grow. Continue reading


The Ordinary Moments {Walkies}

For those of you that know me, follow me on Instagram and have read my posts before, you will know that we have three boys in our little family. Mr H, Lil G and our furry baby. No, we’re not weird, that isn’t the term I use for our child, our furry baby is our doggy. His name is Alfie Bear. Who got his name from the fact that he gives the best bear cuddles EVER. For more on our furry baby you can read here. Continue reading

The Sweetest Thing

Thank you’s really are the sweetest thing, they don’t need to be big or often said at all. I have been lucky to receive two thank you gifts this week and it’s only Tuesday! *blushes*

When it’s a friend you have helped or supported, you know they are grateful. The look on their face or tone in their message lets you know that they have been thankful of your support. After all I was just being a friend. I want to help you, I enjoy it, I also know how hard you are working to make this a success. I salute you.

My first thank you received yesterday …

Friendship through blogging, who'd have thought

Friendship through blogging, who’d have thought

I arrived home today from a long day in the office to a box, a rectangular shaped box from a shop I didn’t recognise. An unexpected parcel addressed to me. I rarely receive parcels. Especially two in two days. I looked at Mr H, ‘what’s this dear … tis for you’ he told me.

My first Flower Card

My first Flower Card

It really wasn’t necessary. To know you were safe was all the thanks I needed. I did what any other person would have done given the circumstances.

It was 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon, I was driving home from Lil G’s birthday party, a car packed to the rafters of gifts for the birthday boy. Singing along to Radio2 when the car in front hit the central reservation.

The car swerved and come to a stop in front of me. Out stumbled an elderly lady who looked shocked and upset, looking straight at me, rather upset and looking frail. I pulled in front of her, took her to the side of the road, sat her down and rang her daughter. She started to get upset so I gave her a cuddle. I offered her some birthday cake for the shock. I explained what had happened as she was very confused. We waited 15 minutes for her daughter to arrive.

As I was comforting the lady (a 75-year-old lady), I noticed another car had stopped. He was pushing the little dears car to the side of the road so that the traffic behind us could pass safely. He also needs a thank you *bows*.

The moral of the story, always stop, I lost 15 minutes of my day, that is all. The lady who I helped needed someone, if it was your mum, or your grandma I am sure you would want someone to stop and help. Bless her, she has rang me twice since and sent this beautiful Flower Thank You Card.

Signing off as a rather emotional KA this evening.


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