My Sunday Photo {A beautiful walkway}

Welcome to this week’s My Sunday Photo post.

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I love stumbling across a peaceful spot. We visited Trentham Gardens yesterday and it was so lovely to see the Italian Gardens in full bloom. As we made our way out we found ourselves wandering down this rather beautiful walkway. What made it even more beautiful was that it was lined with flowers. Such vibrant colours which left me feeling rather dreamy. Mr H still doesn’t quite understand why I love them so but they do make me smile.

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My Sunday Photo {Tulips}

Welcome to this week’s #MySundayPhoto post.

Last Sunday we took ourselves off to Trentham Gardens however we took a different route. I’d heard that there was a beautiful display of tulips hiding away and I took my boys in search of them. The made the perfect backdrop for a few family shots and of Lil G of course.

For now I leave you with this one…


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My Sunday Photo {Wishes}

 Welcome to this weeks My Sunday Photo. Allow me to introduce you to Wishes…


For those that are regular readers of my blog you’ll know that we live very close to the stunning Trentham Gardens. We hold annual passes as it is just such a great place to visit. Whether for the day or just an hour.

When we visited last weekend I simply couldn’t resist taking a photo of this stunning statue. Wishes. She looked so life-like as the wind blew. As part of the lakeside walks you can also find the fairies. These fairies are hand crafted from galvanised steel wires. Robin Wight of Fantasy Wire is a local artist. Such a talented fella. There are often queues of people trying to capture Wishes!

I just love how her hair is blowing in the wind. So much detail. So much talent. I’d quite like one in my garden!

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Me and Mine {April}

As each new month arrives I find myself feeling so excited about the prospect of the forthcoming months photo’s. Secretly packing the Gorilla Tripod ion each trip out in the event we stumble across a beautiful bed of daffodils or quite simply a moment in our little garden.

I may have said in the previous 3 posts (actually I know that I have) that I LOVE this little family portrait project! Oops. I really do. I am so happy to have stumbled across it. Getting all 3 of us in front of the camera can be a bit tricky however I am determined to capture Our Little Family each month. What with a moody toddler when asked to pose and Mr H who really doesn’t like looking at the camera they do test my skills! Little monkeys.

My next job is to have our doggy on a photo too. However I am already aware that this will most definitely test my skills! I may need wine & the dog or should I say Alfie Bear may need a chew!

April has been a bit of a stressful month for me personally and for Lil G. We really have leant on Mr H to keep us together and strong so the moments below really have been our happy times. Where we have made those memories, just us, free from distractions.

Here are Our Little Family #MeandMine photos for April…


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My Sunday Photo



This photo was taken on a last minute trip out to Trentham Gardens. There is so much colour finding it’s way into the gardens now but with the Yellow Sea and Blue Sky this was my favourite spot.

Such a beautiful blue sky has appeared this morning which if I’m honest is completely unexpected. The weather forecast all week has been for a horrible rain cloud to sit above us. We may just be making our way back to the gardens for a little stroll! Most definitely our go to place here in Staffordshire.

Do you have a go to place which is local to you?

 Have a lovely Sunday folks wherever you are.

KA x 



Me and Mine, A Family Portrait Project {March}

Is it really that time again? Wow, another installment of Me and Mine. I am really enjoying this project. Looking back over the year is going to be rather special.

Mr H and Lil G were not so accommodating this month. Toddler tantrums certainly don’t put you in the mood for genuinely smiling and what is with my leg stance? I need to work on that! As does the stroppy toddler. I am really looking forward to the next 3-months of {Me and Mine} photo’s. We are off for the week of Easter, off to Wales in May for a week’s holibobs and then the WOW factor that is DisneyLand Paris in June for Lil G’s 4th Birthday. Hopefully some good photo’s to look back on!

For this month’s montage we ventured out to Trentham Gardens again, then Old Trafford for Mr H’s birthday and finally we went to Bathpool which is a country park. Here is this month’s Me and Mine {March}…


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Family Days Out in Staffordshire & Cheshire

With half-term fast approaching here in Staffordshire & Cheshire I thought I would put together a list of our favourite days out as a family. From free visits to the Museum to fun at Splash Landings there is something for every budget.

However you plan to spend your Spring half-term, whatever the weather, you can find some exciting half-term fun to be had.

Here are our Top Ten tried & tested days out with one indoors activity thrown in, just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst…

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Living Arrows {Spring}

Such a dreamy couple of days with our Gorgeous boy. The temperatures rose to a whopping 15 degrees and as you can see it was T-shirt weather here in Staffordshire. A long lazy afternoon, sitting in the sun, on dry grass might I add. Talking about well not a lot really, just rambling and then not much at all. Enjoying time together as Our Little Family. We are a family that loves all the seasons but secretly I think Lil G is a lover of spring and summer. He was born in the summer so I guess that kind of makes sense. Maybe I am just rambling now!

And this week’s offering for this wonderful capturing childhood project is…




Dreaming Of Summer

The change in weather these past two days has left me dreaming of summer. Dreaming of long lazy days. Relaxing. Packing a picnic. Mint choc chip ice creams. The smell of sunscreen. The glisten of sun bouncing off the water. Deck chairs. Sandals. Painted toe nails and of course the need for sunglasses.

I will admit to loving all seasons. I wouldn’t say that I love the Winter as much as Spring and Summer but it’s pretty close. I love seeing my wardrobe change for each season. However you simply cannot question how a blue sky and glorious sunshine lifts your mood. It really is a mood changer. It’s rather magical don’t you think? Continue reading

Living Arrows {Day Dreaming}

Lil G and I had a day to ourselves at the weekend. We packed a little picnic and took ourselves off to our favourite little spot in our home town, Trentham Gardens.

The gardens are vast, and as my crazy, fun loving toddler chooses to run around them he always get to the point where he says… ‘Mummy I’m out off puff can we sit here and relax’. Today he chose this beautiful spot, so peaceful…


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