VAX Air Cordless Review

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What with a dog that loses hair simply by breathing, a four-year old that leaves crumbs, food and dirt with each footstep and of course two adults in the house we often find ourselves hovering twice a day. I say we, what I actually meant to say is that Mr H hoovers twice a day! When I was offered the opportunity to review and keep a VAX Air Cordless Lift Vacuum Cleaner Mr H jumped for glee. You see he’s a clean freak, so to him this was the one! The review for him to get excited about. Oh to be as passionate about cleaning as he is!

We certainly do need a hoover that can stand a bit of intense cleaning. In the past we have tried out both the traditional Hoover (too heavy) and a Dyson Ball (poor suction), both of which have disappointed us. Therefore we had high expectations of the VAX Air Cordless. Why? Because we have a steep winding staircase and therefore have tripped over cables several times, we haven’t yet found a suction strong enough to pick up all of our furry babies hair! And so we put the VAX to the test.

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What we loved about the VAX Air Cordless?

  1. The suction is VERY good, especially on both long and short-pile carpets where dog hair is engrained
  2. It is slim line and light weight (5.1kg) which enables it to glide along carpets and wooden floors effortlessly
  3. The flexible neck makes it easier to steer around fixtures and furnishings, while the L-shaped head cleans up to edges
  4. It looks fantastic with its gleaming clinical blue design
  5. Cordless – this is so convenient. Down to the ease of not having to switch it on and off when moving through the house to being able to hoover the stairs without falling over a cable
  6. The boost mode – perfect for tackling stubborn pet hair and really does pack a punch
  7. The LED headlight allows you to navigate around the home identifying more dust and dirt (Mr H loved this feature)

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What we didn’t love?

  1. The lift-out cylinder has next to no suction power which is a little disappointing as we have a lot of nooks and crannies to clean

Yes, that’s right we can only give you one point for what we didn’t love. After using the product for a number of weeks now we can highly recommend this hoover. It will leave your house spick and span in a flash!

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* Disclosure :  We were gifted this item in exchange for an honest review. All words are my own


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