Love The Little Things

When I saw Morgana’s tweet yesterday mentioning that today will be the last #LittleLoves post I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic. This is a very sweet little linky and actually has helped me to look back over my week and pin point the little things which have made me smile. Some weeks are tough but if you are true to yourself there is always something which will make you smile. Equally, I have become quite fond of the #LittleLoves crew which join in each week. I do hope you all return in 2015.

And on that note here are the #LittleLoves of our week gone by…


A really touching post over on Kiran’s Mummy Says blog where she wrote about ‘I can’t be a mum today’. We have all had those days, well I certainly have. When you’re ill or completely exhausted from the sleep deprivation of parenting.


My last commuting train pull into the train station of 2014! Oh yes my lovelies the Christmas Holidays have begun! I wrote a little post on it here.



Mr H and I also watched the last EVER episode of The Newsroom which really was superb and made me cry just a little bit. I am totally devastated but what a great way to end the show. I absolutely loved this show. I would highly recommend you look back over it if you haven’t managed to catch the series. I fancy starting at the beginning and totally believe this is that @KiranChug over at Mummy Says is MacKenzie!


FullSizeRender (2)



Our Christmas play list on repeat. I have even managed to play a few in the office despite having two Mr Grumpy Pants sat around me! Even Buddy has been joining in on the fun…

FullSizeRender (3)


Mmmmm … Does a wish list for my birthday count? 17 days and counting! Eek

Actually, Mr H has just reminded me that I made dauphinoise potatoes. My 1st attempt at Mr H’s recipe as he was at work. They were delicious and even more scrumptious the next day…



and lastly…

It is my works Christmas Party tonight, we are off to a HUGE lavish affair at Media City in Manchester. A Las Vegas themed night with burlesque dancers, fun fair rides and of course a dance floor! Oh and a Turkey Dinner. I have my heels and my sparkly dress ready. You may see a pic or two on Instagram! Oh how I love to share. He he.

And then it is our annual group night out with a set of friends on Saturday night. We are both really looking forward to this. Our first festive drinks out as a couple.

I am already feeling a little guilty for leaving Lil G for two nights, although I am only staying away Friday. I am such a wet lettuce! I need to remember that I have a precious 17 days with my gorgeous boy with no interruptions other than playing with lots of new TOYS! Yay.

Well ladies, for the last time of 2014 have a lovely weekend and I will see you on the other side … well actually on social media first but you know what I mean.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, Its the best time of the year … It really is!

KA x





18 thoughts on “Love The Little Things

  1. Hope you had a fantastic time last night, we don’t even have a works Christmas do. How sad it that?
    Yay, to no more work for the next 2 weeks, I was almost running out of school yesterday I was so excited! Have a wonderful Christmas KA! Xxx

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  2. Yaay fantastic last little loves post of 2014. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year and I look forward to reading it more next year 🙂

    Have a lovely Christmas.


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  3. Have a brill night tonight poppet. I’m already so excited to see your outfit on IG! The one down-side of being a SAHM is that there’s no ‘work-do’ to dress up for! 😦 Have the loveliest weekend xxx

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  4. Have a wonderful time tonight, sounds amazing and enjoy tomorrow night too! Cannot wait for some IG snaps! Last comment is always a happy occasion! Its wonderful you get so much time off over christmas and I know how precious it is to you.. Enjoy it lovely {I know you will!} Have a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year xxx

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